The modern promoted diet is nothing more than a misdirected advertising campaign for big food companies

If you look for the old diabetes diets pre 1945 you will see there is less focus on grains, the problem with modern society is the food companies have all the control and power. Wheat subsidies were given in the seventies and eighties in th uk as an incentive to farmers as the world hunger was going to be solved with this help, thirty years later and food companies get cheap corn and wheat (due to subsidies uk and USA wise) and produce lots and lots of high profit "food" , then governments started promoting grains in the food pyramid, which is now healthy food plate, "grains are a good source of carbohydrate" so is an apple a pear a potato, we never used to eat as many grains, society was slimmer then too.

I have no proof just a long memory and eyes that have seen how we have had food recommendations that have clearly contributed to obesity in the western world.

The low fat diet was promoted as the best diet, all fat was bad, big business lowered the fat and added sugar, boom more profit and bigger waistlines.

Now sugar is the devil and fat is OK even good, but because sugar is being touted as bad fruit is being avoided, boycotted even, I would rather eat diet rich in fruit rather than rich in grains, it's time big business stopped telling us what is healthy, as the only thing healthy about what they tell us is the profit margins.

Sorry to go on but this is really a problem and the nhs is not listening, they just spout the same nonsense that is being proven scientifically to be wrong. If you look at articles in the British medical journals you will see that it is widely known fat does not cause heart disease, you will see the battle going on with big food companies not wanting the researchers published research being made widely available to the general public.

We need to go back to the old family values, cut down the grains, stop snacking between meals and take back control, maybe when we take responsibility for what we eat and chew food properly, stop rushing around eating on the go, walk more instead of driving not only will we feel better and slim down, we will do our bit to reduce our own individual carbon footprint and help in a small way with the climate.


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9 Replies

  • A very good and well put together viewpoint. I must say I agree with most of what you say. Personally, I believe one of the biggest culprits is the "fast food outlet" phenomenon. I've listened to so many people bemoaning the loss of the high street over the past years. The usual complaint is that, every other shop is a fast food outlet. I live in London and I would say that most of the litter on the streets is associated with such outlets.

    As a nation we have developed a fast food culture :(

  • I completely agree about fast food being a big culprit but I also think "portion distortion" is a factor. When I started to diet and weigh portions I was shocked at the difference to what I had been serving as portion I read somewhere that in the 1950's the average dinner plate was 9" and now the average size is 13"

  • I agree Tewson, fast food outlets are really bad for litter, people just forget that the bins provided are for putting rubbishin, the British high street is looking more hopeless with each passing day, charity shops filling empty properties until a betting shop takes the lease or another chain restaurant or fast food place with accommodating hours for the binge drinkers, I really do wish farm shops were as good value and available as they are in the USA , over here buying from a farm shop is seen as premium, well it is here.

    Such a shame that we have had to have society view getting bigger as normal, something should have been done to promote the humble veggie or fruit, the government should make adverts with prominent people advertising fruit and veg, maybe if we saw celebrities advertising apples or broccoli younger people would want it more than the fast food they generally promote.

    Younger people are getting fillers and Botox like the celebs, so maybe if the for example kardashians promoted eating cabbage or carrots maybe that would help.

  • Or perhaps the government should turn the VAT rules upside down, and charge VAT for cooked food being consumed off premises and have zero rate VAT for food consumed on the premises. This would help the restaurant industry and penalise the take away shops instead. Just a thought :)

    This would reduce costs of picking up litter and would probably be revenue neutral.

  • Hiya, I completely agree about the advertising I remember posting a few months back how shocked I was in the cinema most of the adverts were aimed at kids and all promoting sugary rubbish, how great it would be for tv and cinema adverts and billboards to promote veg and fruit. I dare say that wouldn't be much of an earner but long term it might make savings in disease prevention, and it would be great for kids to see their idols eating salad!!☀️

  • Could't agree with you more! Finally found what worked for me, applied it and reached my goal weight") No crazy rules or restrictions involved...just common sense and a tracking system that worked for me and felt right")

    I wish you all the best!!

  • Well done, and hopefully it will work for you living to a ripe old age too, after all we need to be able to have fun in our old age and be able to do things we never had time for when we were working, me personally would like to be mountain and rock climbing 😀

  • Madness is what you describe, whilst we feed a group of folk, not to cook , budget and get back to old portion control, we face issues!

    I personally have French dinner plates, much smaller, almost a large side plate, it would be good to have more options of smaller plates.

    We have too many chefs stating indulgent food too

  • I agree, I bought the Asda economy white plate set as way smaller than the huge plates in expensive sets

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