Struggling with bingeing again

I lost about 24 pounds recently, kicked off by using this site. I'm starting to find it hard not binge regularly again though because work has started getting tougher. This morning I had two breakfasts (one the full cooked sort) and a packet of chocolate biscuits before it was even 9am. I'm hoping I can get my bingeing back under control with your help.


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9 Replies

  • When I first read your post, I did wonder whether the extra eating was a means of putting off, cracking on with work. A delay tactic maybe? Don't answer that, it's just a random thought :)

    A cooked breakfast can be a good start to the day and I quite like to include a cooked breakfast from time to time, including a full English. I think that when we find ourselves worrying about a single meal, then we should ask ourselves whether this is rational thinking. A cooked breakfast once and a while never done anyone any harm and I think that sometimes we should just enjoy the moment.

    Over the course of a month/six months/year, a cooked breakfast will have no impact. It's the frequency of these meals which count :)

    I found the best way to progress to a healthy diet is, not to deny ourselves the things we like, rather, to restrict them to the point where they can no longer be considered habitual.

    Try not to worry, you have nothing to worry about :)

  • I really feel for you, as soon as things get stressful at my work (which is more often than not!) I want to reach for the junk food. Could you perhaps replace that junk food with something that makes you feel comforted though? There are so many recipes for comforting winter food like casseroles and cottage pies and things like that, and with these meals you could fill your boots and eat til you're stuffed so there's no room for junk anymore! :) just an idea, I hope work settles down for you!

  • Twinings butter mint tea, reminds me of the old sweets, yummy, and about 2 cals a cup!

  • Take a time out. Think about your hard work losing that weight. Drink some water and start again. Just write the bad stuff off to experience.

  • I struggle with binge eating and I haven't got mine fully under control. A few weekends ago mine hit a critical level where I made myself really ill because of it. But just pick up yourself up and aim for greatness the next day. You can do this. 24lbs is awesome. Eating clean when work gets tough will make you feel better in the long run. I have a tendency to crave junk when I'm stressed, but then that is counterproductive as then I'm feeling sluggish AND stressed. 😣 Make sure you are getting enough sleep too. That will help the energy levels. Good luck. And don't be too hard on yourself. You are doing great.

  • Hi - I am sorry this happened to you - it happens to me still from time to time and I know I will always struggle with cravings. A couple of years ago I read an amazing book by Christopher Fairburn "Overcoming Binge Eating". It was I think part of the NHS reading therapies series and I still find that book and a couple of others very helpful if I go of the rails.

    Hope you get beyond this soon. With the change in season and the whole christmas thing it is a really tough time.

  • Just had a look at the book Gonti, I bought something similar a while back by an American author Carolyn Coker Ross, it was great for working out how binge habits started. With that and me ditching sugary junk earlier this year I thought I was on top of it but then I had a carb binge out of the blue last month which gave me a shock, glad to say it hasn't happened again since, but I've ordered the book you mentioned to try to ward off any more attacks! Trimtapir you have done amazingly well with the weight you've lost , work stress is awful, I can only say from experience try not to worry about what happened this morning just go forward and plan everything in advance including more healthy snacks than you'll actually need so you know you won't run out ( things that won't go off of course) and plan something lovely (hot bubble bath?) for when you've finished work. And if you also like the look of the book Gonti suggested it's on Amazon for £11 ish ☀️

  • Check out a forum called "No2Binge" on Health Sidekick (site). There's a technique in the forum that I personally used and haven't binged for over a year;) Only thing I have tried that worked, I binged for YEARS!! Hope this helps you;)

    FYI: The host re-posts it often but might have to scroll down the forums thread to find it;)

    I wish you all the best!!

  • Thank you everyone for the help. It's really nice to be able to talk to people who understand. When I explain to friends or people at work what the problem is, they often laugh.

    I can binge on healthy or tasteless food too, just as an alcoholic doesn't feel the need for fancy alcohol. What I seem to be aiming for when I go on a binge is the feeling from the blood sugar rush and the numb feeling from being overstuffed (as well as the escape from the constant thinking about food). It's not about the taste of the food.

    Anyway, I will get the book and do more things to regulate my blood sugar (exercise, more protein, lower GI, enough sleep) and try to do other things to comfort myself when I'm sad. All best to others in the fight against food! G xxx

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