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Fell off the band wagon,

Feeling disappointed in myself for not been focused this month,I put 2lb on in a month I no its not a lot but still disappointed after such a good loss the month before (7lb). So starting a fresh from today, been back at the gym and done 1hr workout had my protein shake after workout, need to eat more often and more of the right foods if anyone has any good snack ideas it would be much appreciated.so here's hoping I can stick to it this month.

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Hi well done for coming back. Dust yourself off and start again. You have not lost the motivation for the gym which is really good. do think that letting yourself get hungry is a mistake we all make. I have made it many times in the past. My dietician recommends you eat 6 times a day. 3 main meals and 3 snacks.

I am sure this is a mere blip on your way.


How do u find the time to eat 3 main meals I find it hard to eat 1


I have porrige in the morning, soup at lunchtime and a vegetarian or fish based meal in the evening.


Do you have tinned soup? I heard it's high salt.


No I don't I usually have fresh soup. It freezes easily and thermos flasks mean it is is portable reheated. I have never had a high salt diet ( my father banned it from the house when I was a child). Now that you have said that it explains why I don't like tinned soup very much.


Maybe one meal a day is your problem. Are you eating enough calories.

I do the same as acqua_marine. Porridge for breakfast half milk half water with strawberries or raspberries and a dash of maple syrup. I have a salad or a sandwich or homemade soup for lunch and protein plus veg for supper. I have plain yogurt and a banana or berries for pud. Lots of water and exercise. The weight loss is slow and don't worry if you put some on. You just refocus and tomorrow is another day. Soup is really easy to make. Just veg water and a stock cube plus lentils and seasoning. Easy peasy and very satisfying on cold wet windy days. Onwards and downwards tashbash.

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i think we all go though a downer but get back on track you ll be a winner it s worth it hey


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