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Just need some advice

So first off sorry for all the posts I seem to be putting up- these last 2 weeks have been a challenge and I find real support from you all! So this is in 2 parts really

1) following last week where I only lost 400g I decided to get back on it this week and have so far stuck to my rules to the letter I thought I'd have a sneaky weigh this morning (I know its only 2 days after my last weigh in but thought I'd just see what it said). I was shocked- Monday I weighed 87kg today apparently 85.6kg- how?! there is no way I have lost 1.4kg in 2 days! what do people do about false results and can anyone suggest any scales? I've queried a few times if mine are accurate

2) So I use my fitness pal kind of hand in hand with weight watchers list of food so I stick within my calories with the food which is "weight watcher approved" basically fruit veg and meat

Anyway my calories which MFP gave me were 1280- I've stuck at this now for 33 days and although ive coped form with it im not sure if this is enough? I know I've read that you have to make sure youre eating enough? past 2 days ive had just over 1000 calories which definitely doesn't seem enough- but I seem to go from one extreme to the other either not enough or too many. I calculated my bmr and it said 1600 calories so basically what should i be doing?

Sorry for the essay and thanks

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Hi Wood,

There's no need to apologise, this weight loss road can be a bit tricky to navigate and we all need roadside assistance from time to time :)

With regard to your weight fluctuation, that's perfectly normal. I was alarmed when I first discovered it happened to me, but have since learned that my weight can differ, just in the course of 24hrs, as much as 5 pounds!!

As to your calorie intake, have you checked with the NHS BMI calculator? That'll give you your ideal weight range and your daily calorie requirement.

It's impossible to stick to an exact number of calories per day, but it should all even itself up over the course of a week. Although I would say that 1000 calories is a bit on the low side.

Hope this helps a bit, but if not, feel free to keep on asking :)

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hi thanks for your reply :) I have done the BMI one and it says 1542-1983 does the MFP from experience tend to be quite a low calorie intake? 1900calories then seems very high? its such a minefield!!

If my weight this morning was correct it means I have lost a stone in a month which again seems a bit extreme!

I want to get it right cos I wanted to lost 3 stone in total pre wedding in june but obv theres dress fittings etc

basically I dont want to get to february and realise I've been doing it all wrong and have no time to make a change!

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I don't use any gadgets or gismos, I stick with what the NHS BMI calculator recommends. 1900 isn't that high when you consider it will reduce as your weight reduces. It gives you the opportunity to get used to eating less.

My advice is to eat all your calories and have a slow and steady weight loss, because if your weight suddenly plateaus when you're on a low calorie intake, you've got no room for manoeuvre.

At the start of your journey, the weight loss tends to be faster and some of it is just water loss. As you progress, so the loss slows down.

Good luck! :)


I would advise going for higher cals. 1280 seems a touch low, and 1000 is definitely very low. I started at 12st1 and kept to 1400 cals all the way through, even though the BMI calculator recommendation for me was more like 1500. People at higher weights tend to go for higher amounts of cals and still lose at 1-2lbs/week too. Try to have faith that the higher cals will work, plan your meals, and stick to your plans.

Also - try to console yourself that unpredictable gains and losses on the scales are fluctuations to do with water retention, digestion etc. Your scales are probably fine, unless they're really really old or it's been several years since you replaced the batteries.

Hope that helps, and keep posting. I posted loads during the process too. Every time you think of something, just keep asking - it's how it works :)


Hi I've noticed on myfitnesspal that when my weight goes down myfitnesspal puts my calories intake down. I've gone from 1490 to 1450 according to my bmi I should be between 1500 and 2000 I think myfitnesspal puts it lower to help with weight loss. I've also found weighing myself daily is upsetting because it can go up and down by a few pounds, I'm trying to do it weekly good luck rosie x


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