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Lost 45 Lbs

I've recently lost 45 lbs. I've done so on a vamped up version of the low carb diet. I do take breaks. Every two weeks I go off. It gives me something to look forward to, plus motivates me to keep going. I tell myself "2 more weeks, 2 more weeks". So yes, 45 lbs down from 267 to 222. The low carb diet is the ONLY diet I've been able to stick to my whole life! It does this amazing thing to your body called 'ketosis'. Look it up! No cravings, it really is amazing. I have a food obsession! But with this diet that is gone. I recommend any one who wants to lose quick weight to try it out. 45 lbs in 5 months, little work out, however I did pick up a cleaning job.

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Well done :)

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You're awesome 😃

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I'm familiar with Ketosis and it's got some pretty amazing results, out of curiosity how much carbs are you actually getting on a daily basis or do you just use veg and salad for carbs? I do the 16-8 fast my self and do have carbs after a work out but only brown rice or potatoes.

Keep up the good work.

- Tom


Having looked up "Ketosis", I came across this storify.com/kaylakreklow/do...

All things considered, I think I shall stick to normal healthy eating and exercise as championed in the NHS 12 week plan.

It's good to look at all alternatives and to choose a way of life which is safe and sustainable.

Well done on your progress so far. :)


I also do low carb high protein diet and have lost 43 lb since July. I stick to about 60g of carbs a day. Works for me because I don't get hungry. I am 5 lb off goal now so the real challenge of keeping it off begins then.


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