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weigh in 16/11/15

Not sure where you weigh in as its my first time. My weight has gone down from 13st. 10lb. to 13st 6.75lb. since 13/11/15 when I started, so feel well motivated today. can someone tell me where figures go please? crochet stars all finished after much unpicking, they have contributed to my success today. Must make loads more now as it is totally absorbing and difficult. Good luck everyone this week, am trying the gym again as haven't been able to go for 2 weeks as had horrible cold and bad leg hope it doesn't make me worse!!

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Hi skinnylizzie. It's not a problem that you've recorded your weight in a separate post - but you are missing the crowd who are next door in ...

"Please Join Us for a Monday Group Weigh-in (16th November 2015)"

It's always "popular" and therefore stays towards the top of the newsfeed for at least the day.

If you open the post and hit reply, you can post your vital statistics - and receive some supportive comments in return.

Meanwhile, can I say a very warm welcome and well done! You are off to a flying start - that must feel great! Have you taken your other measurements? (ie out with the tape measure!) I didn't get round to doing that at the beginning - which I know regret! Sometimes people find that they may not have lost weight in a particular week but they can see that their waist has reduce a bit more - all very motivating as I'm sure you'd agree.

Good luck with the gym thing! Time off from the stars perhaps?!


Hi Skinnylizzie,

As Runningsoon has given you our title of the Monday weigh-in post, I'll also give you the link to today's post, so you can easily find us (incase you're still looking for us):


So if you'd like to include your stats in our weigh-in, just pop in and write whatever you'd like to add there.

Look forward to seeing you later,

Lowcal :-)


Good result


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