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More fragile than I'd like to be

Hello everybody

My weight loss this week is 2.2 lbs, or 1kg so I am down to 74.2 kgs.

I feel good about this, as I weighed myself the day before (in the middle of the day, after a big dinner out at my friend's place) and ended up depressed and sad as the scales showed no loss. Obviously, it is very different weighing yourself first thing in the morning.

I had a great week, with lots of exercise, and I was feeling great eating less and getting more energy and better mood all-around.

After a good week, I had a turbulent weekend. After the local parkrun, my husband seemed un-supportive, and then later on, he completely dis-regarded something important I was saying about my exercise and weight-loss experience. We rowed. On Saturday evening we went to a friend's place for dinner. This friend is a great cook, and we hadn't seen them for a while, the food was delicious so I found it hard to control calories, due to peer pressure and from the desire to relax with my friends. On Sunday, my husband finally realised (after we both weighed ourselves and him reading the stats) that it was me who was over-weight (and not him as he thought) and he finally put all his support in me. He is wonderfully supportive and kind person, but sometimes he is a bit slow to realise a few things. So the weekend was an emotional roller-coaster, but I am hoping he finally understands where I am at, and I will not be alone in this.

I also found out that last week I just drunk too much wine in the evening. We have stressful time trying to raise our little son, and coping with work pressures, and few glasses of wine in the evening come as a welcome relief. However, it just doesn't work with my determination to lose weight. So I will cut that down to 2 glasses this week.

So, ups and downs for me. The weight is down, but mood is up and down. This journey is challenging.

Thank you for fab 5 and also to Ruthcanalrunner for her really insipiring post on weight maintenance.

Good luck to everybody xx

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Emotions are little blighters sometimes, always seem too keen on scuppering our good intentions ( ditto for loving hubbies too, lol, they are usually totally perplexed at our minds and thoughts). You have done well hunny and met/tackled quite a few obstacles in the past week. Have a fab week this week hunny. 😊

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Thank you Shelliel, what a lovely thing to say! All the best in your efforts for this week, too. xx

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Life doesn't half throw some curveballs doesn't it?! You just think you are on top of things then something negative rears its ugly head - ugh! It's worth remembering that alcohol is a depressant, although I can well understand you wanting to chill out with a glass or two in the evening. I'm lucky (or unlucky, still can't decide!) that I can't drink with my painkillers and antidepressants, so I don't have that calorific intake to contend with at least! Mood and pain some days - well that's a different story altogether... It's all about juggling and trying to keep a balance isn't it, and that's so hard to achieve sometimes with everything that gets thrown at us - the more I read, the more obvious it becomes to me how weight and emotions are closely linked. Wishing you a happy, healthy week ahead, we can do this!

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yes, emotions are very linked to weight loss. Thats why kind, supportive words can work wonders. Thank you weightwarrior. I hope that you find it easy to navigate mood and pain obstacles this week :) We are in it together and we can for sure do it - we are doing it :)


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