Tecky probs, AGAIN!

I am beginning to think this forum really doesn't like me, lol. It can't decide whether or not it wants me as a member ( think I may be a little 'low class', hehehe). It can take ages to get logged in, then some posts it'll let me respond too, others it blocks me ( Lowcal, you are hidden, but superb efforts, loss or no loss, hunny).

Well, a new week has begun and after a lovely weekend off work I have lost 1lb. I have bought a beautiful new journal and am going to write my weightloss journey the old fashioned way. Fed up with inputting on the MFP, quicker just to write it down, also easier to look back over. This lovely new journal and a handy reckoner fits nicely in my bag.

It's my long week in work and I am food battle prepared. 10 homemade 'ready meals' in the freezer, a fridge full of salad and veggies, yoghurt by the bucket ( and a naughty jar of local honey to have with it), tiny pots of mixed seeds and nuts - my favourite........ I think you get the gyst, lol. Check up at the Docs later, hopefully all my stats, etc. are where they should be - a telling off for working too many hours, but hey ho, bills need to be paid and idleness was never a vice of mine.

It is a grand day today, the sun is shining and though the ground is a little sodden from the overnight downpour, the air is fresh. I have already done a 5 mile walk ( roughly) with the 'wee man' who is now snoring gently on the back of the sofa ( no doubt dreaming of rabbits, lol). We set off at 6am much to the dogs surprise and delight, the streets and fields were deserted - so peaceful, makes you glad to be alive. Back home I had yoghurt with a little honey and a banana for breakfast ( the dog had sausages, lol, they smelt goooooood). The bedding is blowing on the line ( mid November, wow), and a pan of soup for lunch is bubbling away on the stove top. Docs in a couple hours, then in work tonight. All is well in my world.

I hope all is well in everyone elses little world too, have a fabby week folks. 😊

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  • Lovely post, thank you. Hope the sun shines on all your weight-loss efforts this week, too.

  • Thankyou merindina, I hope your week runs smoothly too. 😊

  • What a fabulous and descriptive post! I'm cooking for the week, while I have the time and am unable to get out for another hour or so. I know I've already missed the best part of the day, but I shall make up for it. There are no fields near me, but there are a couple of commons and quite a few woods within a few minutes walk. I like to walk on the common early morning and look across to the ancient barrow, shrouded in the early morning mist.

    I like the slightly moldy smell of the autumn leaves as they lie damp on the grass. I just wish I had had the time this morning.

    My goal is health and happiness. Your post prompted me to revisit that, and it is now "health, happiness and well-being"

    Thanks for your post, it's truly inspiring :)

  • Bless you Tewson. I know what you mean about the autumnal smells, they are truly wonderful. Each season has its own wonders, but for me autumn and winter are my favourites. I love the cold air and brisk wind, it makes you feel so alive. Have a fab week hunny. 😊

  • Hi Shell, loved your post and it is a lovely morning. We are very lucky to be able to enjoy it. Xx

  • We are lucky gillyflower88, far more than we often realise. On autumnal days like today the beauty is enhanced for all to enjoy, young or old, able or unable in body and mind. Have a wonderful week sweetie 😊

  • Wow, what a great post. I have batch of Moroccan pumpkin soup in the freezer. Going to be making healthy sweet and sour sauce later on in the week to freezer as well :-D I just love my soups a batch of my healthy version of Scotch broth will be getting made this week as well. :-D

    Weather is the usual wait 5 minutes and it'll change where I am. Gone from really cold and raining to sunny and hot. Still really windy here as well.

    Good luck at the doctors.

    Thanks for the lovely post. Hope you get your tech problems sorted out. (Try clearing out your browse cache that might help. Yes for my sins I work in IT :-D )

  • Good morning 20voices, I hope it finds you well. My son is an IT geek too, and I am the bane of his otherwise smooth running world, lol. His computer has a little note attached saying ' Mum, don't even breathe on me', his ipad and laptops are locked away to 'avoid temptation'. Believe me he has no worries, I find my ipad baffling at times, so going anywhere near his hi-tec stuff would not enter my mind, lol.

    I do a lovely spiced pumpkin soup, but your morrocan one sounds yum - recipe post for this methinks? I think I am one of those folk who could quite happily live on soup if I had too and not get bored.

    Have a lovely week hunny 😊

  • Hi Shellie, My Dad originally though that computers were just for playing games and wan't happy when I went to college to do a computing course in the late 80's. Surprisingly in the past few years he now has a tablet, netbook and smart phone. He stresses my Mum out with all his fiddling and I get calls for help all the time. I go to visit regularly and I know just end up asking what he's broke now and what does he want me to fix. he got a new car the other which has a lot of technical stuff in it that he didn't it was going to have. I've been waiting for the phone call to go sort out the car. So far he says he's been able to sort it out. :-D

    Love the idea that you son has locked things away, but how are you going to learn if you can't "play" with the stuff. :-D I love it when my niece tries to help my Dad and she gets frustrated cause she just generally looks at him sighs and says "you know Granddad it is not that hard to learn. " It's funny. :-D you'll get there just don't be frightened of it. Don't let it beat you.

    Take care.

  • There is a family computer in the back sitting room ( noone seems to use anymore), my son updates this to the latest tec. It is a touch screen and I will admit when we first got this nearly 7 years ago, it frightened the living daylights out of me! I only use it when I am doing new qualifications as it is easier to sit at a big computer to do. My daughter has an Ipad and laptop of her own as well as my son having all his gizmos, I stick to my ipad. We all have Iphones, though again I tend not to 'fiddle' with mine. To be honest I could do without a mobile for what I use it for. Conversation can wait until I get home, too much going on. I do need it for work though unfortunately. My son can remotely take over all our computers, including his Grandads and Dads, etc... who live 140 miles away ( he got fed up of the phone calls for help, as he said how the heck would he know what they've pressed from the other side of the country). Quite handy really, they phone him and he just accesses and sorts out from home. The wonders of technology!! I still prefer a book, pen and paper, hehehe. πŸ˜‰

  • Hi, Here is the link to the soup I make.


    I've tried it using squash as well as pumpkin and both are good. There are others on the web that use chillies in them. :-D

  • Your determined to make me utilise my computer more!!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • You know what they say about practise. ;-)

  • You have lifted my mood, Shellie - what a lovely post :)

  • Thankyou hunny. To raise a smile is always so much nicer than to draw a frown. 😊

  • What a wonderful positive post I'm inspired. We can all do this.

  • Thankyou hun, Have a great week ahead. 😊

  • Hi ShellieL,

    I enjoyed reading your post, it is a breath of fresh air on an Autumnal day - sorry you've had some problems with accessing the site, but glad you were able to post this great post. Congratulations on your 1 pound loss, that is fantastic!

    Hopefully our IT difficulties will be sorted so you can resume better connection, and hope you enjoy the rest of this lovely day.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal, when I click on to some posts they remain as 'hidden', yours included this morning. I seem to get quite a few glitches on here, hey ho, it isn't the end of the world. I do manage eventually to get sorted, sometimes takes a few minutes and other times a few days. It's just a little frustrating when I want to respond in support to posts. Have a great week hun. 😊

  • Hi Shellie,

    Many thanks. I gained 0.2 pound this week, but was pleased it wasn't more, as I did eat out a couple of times, as well as succumbing to eating a couple of people's chocolate gifts (Christmas presents I was meant to be wrapping up yesterday!).

    I will be away for a while - so if you're looking out for next Monday's weigh-in thread, it will be posted by Prin - she will post for the next 3 Mondays and then I'll be back on 14th December for that Monday's thread.

    So the Monday weigh-in group thread will be keeping going, run by the lovely Fab 5'ers and posted by Prin, and I'll be in touch again when I get back. So wishing you a great few weeks in the meantime, and good luck with ongoing weight loss success!

    Lowcal :-)

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