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Today this the day! And as they say the first of the rest of your life, so I am determined to make it healthier. I have been overweight for most of my life with a few brief moments of being in a normal weight range. At 47 and 8 stone over, my weight is beginning to affect my health. I can't ignore it any longer and most Morgantown I want to be around for my young son as he grows up. So here I go ... wish me luck and good luck to all of you out there too.

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A warm welcome Headslim, this is a supportive site of likeminded folk. I hope you have a fabby first week. What are your plans? Are you starting on the 12 week nhs plan? Or doing it your own way? Whatever way, good luck hunny. 😊


Hi and welcome headslim,

As this is your first day, may I suggest joining the Monday group weigh-in. It's an extremely friendly and supportive group of about 70 of us, all at different stages along our weight loss journeys.

Just reading the posts alone is very motivating and it's up to you whether you reveal your weight or not, there's absolutely no pressure.

Whatever you decide, all the best to you :)

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Headslim, good luck on your quest. For anyone starting out, the 12 week plan is well worth looking at. There're many good reports of it's usefulness and it was my first step. I don't follow it verbatim, rather I use it as a good point of reference.

It's always good to start a journey with a road map to where you want to be, and the 12 week plan is just that. The people on this site are very supportive and will often offer some good hints on how to succeed when the going gets tough.

"Turn your can'ts into cans

Turn your dreams into plans"

Good for you for making a start :)


Welcome and good luck for your weight loss. Well done for taking this step. Lots of people out here who are working on a similar project and who are happy to help others along.

Hope you have a good time working out what works for you - and enjoy getting some new glad rags in due course as the others start to loosen up!

Check in here lots to chat and pick up tips etc won't you?



Welcome! Good luck on your journey. We all have our reasons to do this, but doing it together will keep us focused and I wish us all success!


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