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Hi my name is Lyn I'm 54 and it's taken me a very long time to get into mindset and lose weight. I have health problems which is restricting mobility and also care full time for my Mom. My life is extremely stressful and quite full on most days. I've always had weight problems from a little girl up. I've only dieted twice before both times losing weight but not discipline myself to keep it off. I started on slimming world diet a number of weeks ago and managed to lose 12 llbs over a number of weeks but then it came to a halt. Eating fruit is proving difficult for me as I have a bowel complaint. I'm seeing my gp this week about some stomach pain n bloating. One day last week I was feeling quite deflated that I was not eating very much and my weight hadn't dropped in 3 weeks. I hadn't cheated at all. I stumbled across the nhs healthy eating plan and calorie counting I had nothing to lose to switch over to this plan so decided to give it a go. I also browsed through the recipes and ideas and do the app. After doing my bmi check I was horrified the calories they are allowing me is 1800 a day and with a mammoth task ahead of me to lose 8 stone seems a very long way off. Already with this healthy eating plan I am seeing results and it's only been 3 days and 2.5llbs lighter. I am thrilled with my start it encourages me to go on. Writing this helps me a lot as I'm not the most confident of people. So many thanks if your reading this and best wishes to you on your journey.


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  • Hi Lyn! This is my first day too. I have a 7 stone mountain to climb but we will all do it together. Everyone is so nice on here, you will do just fine. Come here regularly and get the support you need. Think of this as a new beginning. Good luck!

  • Thank you yes it's a big step forward for us all. Good luck to you also.

  • Hello juzlyn, welcome to a community of folk who are all trying to lose and then maintain the excess weight. We try to be a supportive bunch and there will always be someone ready to give you the boost needed to keep on this daunting weightloss journey. Read, write and respond to posts - a fab way to keep motivated hunny. Ruth_canal_runner wrote a fab post yesterday on maintaining the weightloss she has achieved.

    Regards fruit, it isn't essential in your food intake Lyn, eating a good variety of veggies and other foods will give you all the vitamins/minerals your body requires for good health - so don't worry about not being able to eat any.

    You have made a wonderful start with your 2 1/2lb loss, superb. Hope you have a fab week. 😊

  • Thank you Shellie it seems like a big mountain to climb but I'm going to commit and do my very best to achieve with you all. I feel quite positive about this healthy change I'm making in my life with the help and encouragement with each other I'm sure we can get there thank you for your kind words

  • Only the truth hunny. Try breaking your weightloss goals down into a less daunting amount. Though I have a lot to lose, I try and aim for smaller chunks such as 14lb in 3 months, and walking so many steps a day for so long, etc.... This seems infinitely more achievable sometimes. 😊

  • Welcome. Well done on the weight loss. I have been here a month everyone is lovely. Many people here have long journeys and complicated lives too, so they will understand some of your struggles. It does help to build your focus round something positive and this group is exactly that.

  • Hi Lyn - just to say a very warm welcome and good luck! Sounds like you are off and away with some sensible plans to track what you are eating and whittle off those pounds. You'll find (well I do!) it's so motivating to drop in here, get a pat on the back, chew food / exercise topics over (metaphorically!), and meet people who are dealing with some similar issues.

    I've never met so many people who are really trying to sort this problem out for themselves in the long term (rather than dieting into an outfit for a special event for example) - so there is lots of sound advice from people who are maintaining swishing about too. All really helpful to start changing your "food mindset".

    Well done for such a positive start!


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