Should you reward yourself with food?

Tomorrow morning will be my 4th week weigh-in if I have lost a pound this week that will bring my total loss to seven pounds and I set my first target as a half stone and my reward would be a packet of crisps (I have not had a crisp for nearly five weeks)

Now I am wondering whether I should have made the reward something other than a high calorie food however much I want that food?


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  • Maybe pick a lower calorie packet if that makes you feel better but you can't realistically go the rest of your life avoiding crisps. If you want it, have it but make sure you limit what you have and plan a goal for your next treat.

  • Thanks yes of course that makes sense. In my head I was going to set my next target as another 8lbs and reward myself with a fish and chips from the local chippiešŸ˜“ you can see why I was getting concerned ! Fingers crossed I will have lost that pound and then I will enjoy the crisps

  • That would be a stone and well worth fish and chips!

    I believe you can have a bit of everything so long as you've planned and earned it. A single packet of crisps isn't going to ruin you and you have to live a little.

    Enjoy your crisps but then draw the line - don't go crazy.

    Then work hard to lose your next half stone and enjoy your fish and chips!

  • I rewarded myself with a new running top and glass of bubbly after my first half a stone. For me food rewards are not a good idea. I have done that with other (failed) diets and find that I over indulge and derail myself, so this time if thought I would treat myself with something that is good for my weight loss. However, I believe that you should never say "I can't have..." as that just makes me want it more and instead find a lower calorie alternative. Good luck with the weigh-in and I hope you get your reward :)

  • I'm 73 years old so a running top is out! I actually don't drink so bubbly out as well I think I will have crisps but maybe a low fat type.

  • Try walkers pops they are full of flavour, crunch and low in fat.

  • Someone mentioned putting a small amount of cash towards a future outfit as a reward for hitting target. Would that work for you.

  • That's a good idea because obviously I don't want to buy clothes now but a new skirt of dress when I have a waist back would be brilliant. Thanks

  • I am planning a new pair of jeans when I get properly below this stone barrier I'm at.

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