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Hi guys, I haven't really used this since I signed up however I thought I would update you all, never done the plan thing, but after tipping 18+ I decided to take steps and for the last 3 months or so I joined the gym 3 days a week or more, I even went to a couple of classes( I like body combat) I developed a "don't care about what people think of me attitude" I'm doing this for me and my family. I hit a slump when I got to 17.3 I stayed there for about 3 weeks, but I only have myself to blame I was getting bored with what I was eating and hurt my calf at the gym so had 2 weeks off while it got better.. but the last two weeks I have been eating less carbs down to about 50-75g a day and when I weighed myself this morning I'm down to 16.9 that gave me such a boost, I don't mind the low carbs, although I do miss

Asda American hot pizza with barbecue Base.. but a wee treat maybe!! Anyway I think it's important to change things over the period of trying to loose weight or you will simply get bored and revert back to what your used to.. lo carbs for the next 2 weeks I'll let you know how I get on..


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  • Well done as long as you're losing it doesn't really matter what plan you follow. I'm using the myfitnesspal and I love it, I never thought I'd start calorie counting but I'm 63 and I needed something make me realise what I was eating and how much I was eating the myfitnesspal does all that and more it even reminds me when I've forgotten to fill my diary in lol and it's all free good luck on your journey rosie x

  • Well done you I had the same prob with same routine with food and j found cutting carbs and introducing new veg and fruit done me wonderes keep it up Hun ur doing fab x

  • Well done. It is somehow wven harder to start when there is some to go. I have been on the same road for 2 months. Joined here a few weeks ago when I was looking for support and a healthy focus. Keep going.

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