Week 45

Hi everyone,

I have gained weight for the first time in 45 weeks and after all of the birthday celebrations which took place I am left with a 2 lb gain oops.....

It's very much okay though and don't be sorry for me as I have felt all week that I had put on half a stone and today I feel much lighter than I did and I am getting back on track. I am positive that I will shift these extra 2 by next weigh in :-)

It's been quite the week and I only began exercising on Wed and a normal week for me would be everyday so I know that this would have added to this weeks gain. So from Wed I have been running every morning, walking as much as I could and then go to the hospital app's with my mum, return home then go gym as I knew I had to work harder this week.

Today I had a well deserved rest this morning. My mum has finished her treatments so my routine can now get back to normal and get back into the swing of things so lot's of exercise and good healthy meals planned for this week and plan on reporting a loss next week :-)

So hears to a good week ahead and I hope everyone else is doing really well on your journeys :-)

Trafford1 x


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24 Replies

  • To gain just 2lb and only once in 45 weeks is an amazing feat trafford!!! Equate that to all the celebrations and happy memories garnered and the damage is so worth it. You are back on track and still totally motivated. I take my (metaphorical) hat off to you hun. 😊

  • Thank you ShellieL, I very much did enjoy myself and had one of the best birthdays in years and I got to celebrate it as a size 12 and felt fantastic. I know now this has passed I can get right back to it and have a minimal loss of 2 lbs nx wk :-)

  • 45 weeks and still going. I hope I get that far. Happy birthday for whenever it was.

  • Thank you Aqua_marine :-)

  • Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebrations, I reckon that 2lb will be off again by next week! To only have gained that in 45 weeks is outstanding.

  • Thank you Emma :-) I knew I would have a gain this week as I did enjoy some lovely food, buffet, full english amongst other things.....I am happy to have weighed in today with only a 2 lb gain as I know if I didn't workout it would have been a lot more teehee :-) Back to it now and looking forward to seeing the back of those 2 lbs in the coming week.

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Firstly, I'm so glad you enjoyed your Birthday celebrations, and especially that you were enjoying wearing lovely size 12 clothes for the occasions. That is so great! I think you've done so well to only gain 2 pound after celebrating - that will very soon be gone again, as I know you're already back on track, and I know how motivated and positive you are. You are an inspiration, and I always look forward to your weekly posts.

    It's good to hear your Mum has finished her treatments, and I'm sure she benefited from your support and help during that time - it's good that you can get back to your usual routine, as I'm sure it must have been quite tiring to be visiting the hospital so frequently - you did really well to keep up with your gym visits too.

    It's lovely that you enjoyed a much deserved rest this morning - a great way to start the day, and I hope the remainder of the weekend is an enjoyable one, with some nice experiences. You've got lots of healthy meals prepared, and also some exercise sessions, so you sound prepared for the week ahead. You'll have a loss on the scales to look forward to next week, all being well. :-)

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Lowcal, I am so glad I have finally got my routine back and that I can look forward to a normal week with an unbroken routine. I love routine and it has got me to where I am today so I am sure I will be able to get back on track in no time at all.

    My mum has done so well getting through this difficult time and she is happy that she has finally finished this very intense part of her treatment and I am really happy that I was there to support her through it all. It has all been very tiring so will relax today and crack on with the exercise as of tomorrow all the way through to next Friday.

    I know I must have gained a lot more over the week, but to see this number today is worth celebrating, so we did :-) birthdays only come round once a year so it was all worth it.

    I am going to try out your recipe that you shared with me and looking forward to making that. I have recently tried out course bulgar which is similar to rice from Tesco and it's low in calories and I absolutely love it and it's so healthy so will continue to use this in my meals this week.

    I took my old work trousers into work yesterday to show them how well I have done and they couldn't even believe that I ever wore them LOL I did this just to show them how far I have come on this journey and they were just amazed and congratulated me. I have made a real difference in their lives and have inspired them to all make changes to the way they eat. They are now juicing and exercising because they can see how well I have done and it's all positive and a good feeling :-)

    You'll never have known this but when you first replied to one of my posts I was so pleased and since then you have been supporting me throughout this journey and I thank you for that. You are such a big inspiration on here Lowcal to many including me and I always wish you well in reaching your goals and reading your posts and I thank you for that hun :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend as well and look forward to reading your post Monday best wishes

    Trafford1 x

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Thank you so much for your kind words - I really appreciate what you said. It means a lot.

    I think it's great that your work colleagues and friends are changing their lifestyles and habits for healthier ones, it definitely sounds like you've inspired them to make changes for the better. I can imagine how surprised they would have been to see your original trousers, as you've lost an incredible amount of weight - it would really be hard to imagine you could have worn them, after they've got used to your slimmer figure.

    I hope the recipe turns out well - it is a tasty one. Also, thanks for mentioning coarse bulgar - I will have to give that a go, and will look out for some in the shops.

    I'm hoping for a loss on the scales on Monday at the Group weigh-in, but I know what weekends are like, and so I'll wait and see what happens. But I really hope to report a loss - so will look forward to catching up with you on Monday.

    Here's to a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Well Trafford, I think we can forgive you your first gain in 45 weeks, that's an amazing record in itself and I'm sure you'll shed those 2lbs in next to no time.

    I had also gained when I weighed in last Monday so I've been very, very strict with myself this past week because apart from wanting to shed the extra I'd gained I'm off out tonight for a meal at our favourite restaurant for my birthday. As if it isn't bad enough that yet another year has passed I have to go on rations a week before and a week after so I can celebrate! What hoops we make ourselves jump through.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Happy Birthday Jenever!!!

  • Thanks Lowcal,

    Another year old but no wiser I fear!!

  • Hi Jenever and happy birthday to you too :-) and thank you hun.

    I celebrated Sat, Sun & Monday and thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend. It only comes around once a yr so why not. I hope you have a truly wonderful day and have a nice time out tonight. I never thought of rationing the week before I just thought of the week after LOL good thinking I will try and remember that for next yr.

    Have a super dooper birthday my scorpion friend x

  • Thanks Trafford.

  • Good you are still counting your weeks shows you are focused x

  • Cheers Bonni1, Still counting...

  • Oops! You sound positive though and I am sure you will shift it in no time!

    I am stuck in a loop of gaining and losing the same 3lb at the mo!

    Good luck for next week :)

  • Thank you sueper I am positive for a loss of 2 lbs next week and am very focused on achieving this number. Not good to be stuck on the same 3 lbs and I hope you find a way to shift this very soon. Nothing lasts forever so you will see a difference very soon hun I am sure.

    Good luck on shifting yours and fingers crossed for me too x

  • Happy birthday trafford1 and great to hear you're back feeling in control again. Sounds like you really let your hair down and enjoyed the new you. Its great you're at size 12 now, what an achievement. That 2lbs gain will reverse quickly, knowing you! I had a few stay-sames and gains during my weight loss process but it all just evened out overall - I'm surprised you haven't had more to be honest. Shows how focused you are, but equally how capable you are of relaxing when there's call for it. Wishing you lots of luck for a focused week ahead :)

  • Thank you Ruth, I certainly had to work hard to get my weight back to a respectable number as I am sure I did gain more than the remaining 2 lbs, but the celebrations, the time and the memories I take from it all were all worth it and I had a great time. We celebrate those 2 lbs this week as I know the OH who does weigh himself everyday did put on quite a bit over that 3 day wk end and I don't weigh myself everyday so I know it would have been more had I not bucked up and worked hard.

    Back on track now and focused as ever, I'm in the house and ready to do my thing now I have my routine back.

    Have a lovely week Ruth and thank you again x

  • 2lb gain in 45. Weeks! You are an inspiration. I hope I manage to do as well as you have. Well done.

  • Thank you. I know it may sound strange, but I don't feel one bit disappointed with this gain as I know how to shift it and I really did enjoy my birthday and all the food that I ate. It's just one of them things we live, learn and crack on with the journey. I'm still on target to reach my goal in 7 weeks time and there's not stopping me achieving a loss of 92 lb by Jan 4th 2016.

    You can and you will do really well on your journey all it takes is some self belief, positivity along with some good planning and whilst it's a slow process being patient is so rewarding.

    I wish you many successes on your journey 191253summer :-)

  • Hi Trafford, Reading your post I reall don't think last weeks gain will last very long !! but how on earth did you manage to lose weight 45 weeks in a row? Like Sueper I seem to be gaining and losing the same amount on alternate days at the moment.... I love that things are going well for that weight loss does equal better life. Ah well of for bike ride -swim- windy picnic.

    Have a fun Sunday.

  • Hi Gonti and thank you :-)

    I have maintained 6 times during the 45 weeks and the rest of time other than this gain I have managed to lose. I workout everyday other than on a Sat and I have planned every single meal from day one and eat at set times.

    A day would consist of two coffees in the morning, breakfast just before I leave for work. Snack (fruit or crackers with houmous) by 11 am lunch at 12 then dinner between 4 - 5 pm I workout every morning before breakfast, walk on my break at work, come home and workout out after dinner either a walk, run or gym. My calorie allowance on myfitnesspal was 1390, but it has now gone down to 1200. I have always mixed things up when it come to exercise and set myself new challenges so not every week is the same which I enjoy doing and it keeps things interesting. I never grow tired of exercise or cooking a healthy meal. I have seen what I am capable of and I love it.

    I have a day off once a week where my calorie count will be higher than usual as this is what I have read and heard about and I have done this since week one and the rest of the week goes back to normal. This is how I have done it for 45 weeks now and it really works.

    I hope your weight loss starts to go down in the right direction I would advise to try out something new this week or extend your workout times or increase the intensity. If you find there is a wall you haven't been able to go past set yourself a goal to pass it. Like for example I couldn't do more than 5 mins on a cross trainer, but I have built this up and can go 30 mins or I couldn't run more than a 1 min and now I can run 10k so week after week just build on what you already do and add in something you've never tried before.

    Enjoy your activities today and I sure those scales will be going down for you in no time hun x

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