Praying for Monday weigh in

So stepped on the scales today I know it's early to but I weighed myself and that wall had nearly been broken again 13st exactly hoping I can either stay at this or lose as then I have a good starting point to next week and I would of lost 2 pound this week. But so happy nearly in 12 stone Mark if I can keep it up I will soon be able to get to my next step of trying to get into 11 stone and then God forbid if I can manage it 10 st which I ain't been in years but I'm not pushing for that yet I try and set myself the goal of getting into the next stone mark that way it's more realistic to work to x


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7 Replies

  • You can do it, Emma 😊

    I find weekends hard too, but this time I'm determined not to lose focus. Well done for nearly reaching the 12's, keep that goal in mind 😏

  • Hi Emma - well done - so nearly in the 12s. Exciting! I too am aiming for the 10 somethings - I've got some nice clothes which will fit me if I do!

    Really pleased you put this post on - I'm now down to 11 9/12 as of this morning. Experience indicates I could put a pound on over the weekend. Hopefully now I've written that down I, like you, will stay there until Monday morning weigh-in, having had a lovely healthy and sensible weekend!

    Good luck!!!

  • See I put clothes off till get down to what size I want as my thighs are big I'm targeting that at min. I have to admite I don't put everything in as its hard to with a diabetic husband and child that don't gain weight so mine is all about portions and exercise but I still feel proud that yes I still have full fat milk and normal pasta and rice etc but because of using the plate method of how much your meant to have on ur plate it helps a lot and I hope on Monday you get out u would like x

  • Hi Emma,

    Good luck! You're doing really well.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Cheers I started 16.9 and now I'm nearly at that 12 stone Mark it's so close now I just wanna go for it and work for my next goal x

  • I hope you get to your next milestone.

  • Well had my take away but my husband ordered to much but I literally couldn't have half the stuff I use to he said my stomach must be shrinking I could eat a kebab with chips and extra etc I only managed the kebab and don't worry I save my calories up for end on of day so I have breakfast 113 calories and 100 cal for lunch x

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