Must be mad 😡

I'm currently baking rolls every other day to see what might be causing my oh's bloating and discomfort.

Yesterday I had a good few calories to spare, the rolls were ready late in the evening - smelling delicious πŸ˜‹

I took the rolls of the oven -hmmm - picked up a small one and cut it in half thinking 'just with a bit of butter'.

Guess what!!! I put the freshly cut roll back on the tray and walked out of the kitchen passing my oh on his way into the kitchen to have a roll!!!

Hahaha, that felt so strange putting it back, but I was really pleased as I wasn't even thinking about what I was doing when i started cutting it, but then thought - I'm not actually hungry 😏

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  • Well done. It is hard to do stuff like that. I give stuff away, bin in and at awine cheese on Wednesday ran away from both temptations.

  • That just proves that we are changing old habits πŸ˜‰

  • That's really impressive. I have to admit I don't do half the baking I used to before starting my healthy eating, and now my husband has decided to shed his unwanted weight too I'll be doing even less I suppose? Not even made a Christmas cake this year, in previous year I've made a cake then when everyone has gone home I'm left to eat what's left.

  • That's true, luckily I really don't like cake or sweet things much, but I do like baking ( but don't have time very often).

    You can always have a google for some healthier recipes and freeze them in portions 😏

  • You're a ⭐️

  • Hi Elissy,

    It's great that you noticed that you weren't actually hungry, and you put that freshly baked roll back - your habits are changing and you're making great progress.

    Hope you're enjoying the weekend so far.

    Lowcal :-)

  • That is amazing to put back the roll and not eat it as you were not hungry! Well you deserve a gold medal for such self - control!

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