Struggling! 😑

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a good week!

This week I have actually gained a pound. My weight is now 13 stone 2lb.. Just can't get into the 12,s at all and I feel really stuck.

This week I have been swimming twice for an hour each time and would say I have done fairly well diet wise. I have eaten out once and had a stir fry with boiled rice.

Wednesday night I had a few vodkas and yesterday paid the price and had the worst hangover! Maybe that's where I went wrong?

As of Saturday night I am working 6 nights in a row, and although I'll have absolutely no energy to exercise, I know it's the perfect opportunity to stick to my 1400 calorie intake.

I know I won't give up and I certainly will not go back to being 15 stone. But does anyone have any ideas or tips to help me get completely back on track? Have any of you guys got to a brick wall before?

Emma xx


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5 Replies

  • I read that many people get stuck :) and it's difficult to reply sometimes because, rarely do they say how long they've been stuck for. We expect a lot of our bodies sometimes, and if the weight does not shift over a day or so, it can be a little frustrating, but I would consider this normal, as long as the overall trend is down. I have gone a week or more without losing weight, and I got the fed ups, these things do happen. So long as we keep our eye on the prevailing trend, and ensure it is on the downwards direction, I see no reason to make any changes. :)

  • Weight is weird stuff. Sometimes loads comes off and sometimes nothing. If you keep to it it will happen. Keep going.

  • I have it every time I get to a stone mark so when I got 2 16st 15st etc I found best way is to change ur eating habit so the food u have. It's because your body becomes so use to what your eating and then ur brain also works against you with it hope that helps good luck x

  • Thanks guys. I weighted myself again this morning and I'm back to 13.1 so the same as last week 🙄 Will keep at it xx

  • Hi Emma that's great news that you have got back down to the same weight as last week well done you :-) I have a lot to do this week to balance the scales, but I'm sure I can do it. In fact I know I can.

    Have a great week and you will soon be in the 12's x

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