Lack of energy

I started the C25K at the beginning of June and felt full of energy. I have graduated in August and I am very glad about it. In October I went to Mallorca for holidays and stopped running 30 mn 3 times a week. It is now VERY difficult to run again as if there is a lack of motivation and energy. Also my sleep is quite bad and I feel tired during the day. Thanks a lot for your help to put me back on the track again. I don't want to give up!!!!


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9 Replies

  • Why not go back a few weeks and say, start over at week 4 or 5 or wherever you feel comfortable and take it from there? :-)

  • many thanks !

  • I also suggest cutting the distance right back. At one point I cut back to 3.5k until I started to feel a sense of achievement and joy in the running again, then built up to 5k very gradually. Good luck 😊

  • Thanks a lot !

  • You can do it, plenty of rest and water mixed with a light start to get used to just going out again, dark mornings and nights don't help, can you go to a gym? training with others around is really motivating for me - as well as the cost as I hate to waste anything! think how your trainers feel, they were made to run!

  • I also go to Pilates classes twice a week. I like it a lot. Thanks for your words, they really help.

  • Thank you !

  • It is a difficult time of the year with the light changing. Don't be too hard on yourself. At least you are not woken up at 4 am by two cats who have not yet adapted.

  • Thanks for your help. I went running yesterday and it went fine.

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