Got to start somewhere

Hey everyone,

Thought I'd join to get and give a little moral support, I suffer from severe clinical depression and anxiety and I'm currently being assessed to see if I'm Bi-Polar. What has this got to do with diet you say? Well I'm a binge eater and have balooned to 130kg at 6' in height.

I'm a sports scientist so ironically I have a very good knowledge of sport, exercise and nutrition but I struggle to stick to any plans as my binge eating is like a frenzy.. it takes over and it won't go away until I binge.

Anyway... today is a new day...


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14 Replies

  • Hey! I just started today too! Sounds like you're off to a good start. I used to love binge eating but it did some serious damage to my body, so you're not alone there. Good luck with your health, sounds like you are already making a great start.

  • Welcome. We are all struggling on this forum one way or another to lose weight get fitter and lead happier lives. It's good you have got professional help with your depression and maybe your binge eating is a feature of your illness for you. The 12 week plan will provide discipline and gives lots of advice and support to get you started. You know what to do and everyone will support you. So make today the first day of the rest of your life and try to take control. Good luck today

  • Hi auto, bipolar is so tough to live with. Welcome to the forum. Sports that's post could be top tips! Good luck this all aspects

  • I'lol happily share any knowledge I have, I chose my career path to help real people rather than just elite athletes.

    Thank you for taking the time to reply, it's greatly appreciated.

  • You just keep on keeping on...would be great to see ...hear about your successes....and I just walk lots when I can....taking care of my knees as am 14 St scales so have gone up six pounds in less than a few hours..😄

  • I am your twin!

    Getting a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment really helps and it is great to be able to focus on healthy living instead of coping with extreme highs and lows.

    I also sleep better on mood stabilising drugs and that helps me to have the energy to get to the gym every day.

    Not quite sure where the time has gone, but I am on week 8 of the NHS plan and it is going swimmingly. Lost 1st 10lbs so far!

    You can do it, despite the MH problems - good luck!

  • I agree Lottolose Getting the correct diagnosis is a big help.

  • HI, I'm no sports scientist, but I know when my knees hurt and I know that I am about 10 kg lighter than I was this time last year.

    So how shall I celebrate? Red-bull? latte with extra sugar? iced cake? energy drink? NO WAY?

    For me the break through came when I was directed to articles about the effects of carbohydrates and SUGAR in particular on my body.

    The way sugar will destroy the balance in my body so that after an hour or so I will need to eat again is terrible.

    Start your next binge with a tin of tuna mixed with cabbage, follow that with pilchards + celery. then three hard boiled eggs!

    Still hungry? That worked for me too!

    OK, I'm an ignorant old man (73) but it works for me and I hope will do for you.

  • I think that mixture would put me off eating as well ;-)

  • Hairyman, You have got some practical ideas here. Have also tried the eggs, and the NHS diet (actually stopped me from binging, because I had previously skipped lunch for years) and in 3 months have dropped 4 kg. The exercise on couch to 5 is also excellent (must admit I am stuck in week 3, but that's just my pace).My goal is losing 6 more kg.

    Carrot sticks, celery and cucumber are also good munchies. A chunk of cheese - all within a 200 calorie snack allowance.

    If you like chocolate, buy a seriously pricey cocoa and use stevia as sweetner and give yourself a mid-week boost.

    Why not buy something expensive to wear, so that you have the added motivation?

    At any rate, working out or just plain walking/hiking is another endorphine booster. Isn't it?

  • Welcome auto, I also really understand the difference between knowing the theory and putting it into action. I'm intrigued that you introduce yourself as being in a position to offer support, which from the sounds of things you definitely can do. But I also suggest you open yourself up to receiving support. I've found this forum invaluable for shifting my mindset from thinking I understand the theory, but still can't lose weight, to realising it's all about taking one step at a time, keeping an eye on the small things, and asking for help as and when you need it. Eventually all the small things add up. There is a lot to be learnt from a weight loss process whatever point you start from. Wishing you lots of luck and a warm welcome :)

  • You have certainly come to the right place for support. I have never, even in slimming clubs, experienced such support and empathy as there is on this site. We're all struggling in one way or another and certainly I don't feel inhibited about what I can post as all that is given is encouragement. So, post the bad days as well as the good and don't be afraid to admit to eating problems. And you can give plenty of support as well, particularly when I come back after dragging my 5ft 1ins and 12st 8ln body around our local lanes for 2 miles most morning! Good luck and keep posting!

  • Hi I have been diagnosed with Bipolar the last twenty years. It does not have to be a life sentence!! I won't say that its always easy...I try and stay positive. My one big tip would be excercise. I find a twenty minute walk in the morning always blows the cobwebs away.

  • Hello Auto

    Good luck with getting the right diagnosis. Food can certainly have a huge effect on our bodies and mind, so eating the right food is vital.

    As you are studying science you might be interested in having a look at the possible connection between gluten and bipolar, and the effect of gut bacteria on mental health, if you haven't come across this before.


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