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Challenging start

Hi everybody

today I am weighing 75.2 kgs, which is a 2 lb loss from when I started, 19th October. I started on this weight loss journey 3 weeks ago, joined myfitnesspal and NHS 12 week plan. In the first week I lost more than 1 kg which was a great start. Then life kicked in - sleepless nights with my toddler, work stress, and pms just knocked my good intentions and I continued to indulge in food to get the energy to get me through the days. I didnt dare to weigh myself until today. At least I didn't gain weight!

I was hoping I would lose more weight on this journey, but it is challenging and full of obstacles. Thanks for all your support everybody and good luck to you all

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Hi Merendina

Don't be so hard on yourself. You need to see last week as a blip in a long journey. Not two weeks will be the same. Maybe you should step away from calorie counting for now and instead focus on healthy eating and portion control. Are you able to fit in any exercise? There is a weekly 'kicking kms' thread. Get yourself a Fitbit and you'll be surprised with how much you can do without trying that hard.

Good luck for this week

:) :) :)


Thank you Lizzy, I will ask my hubby for a Fitbit for Christmas! I do a lot of exercise but it is the food that is my problem - I just love to eat loads :) In food I find the comfort and the source of strength to get me through the days and to cope with the negative feelings. (It was my grandma who used to tell me this)

Sleepless nights are a killer - my baby boy wakes up in the wee hours of the morning and screams sometimes for hours and the stress from that accumulates and comes to hit me in the day. Last week I was literally scared of going to bed to sleep, and my body clock changed due to this.

Well, last night I had a good sleep and am back in the game. Good luck to us all xxx


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