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Goodbye mfp?

This morning I tried to get into the Myfitnesspal app and it had logged me out. My user name and password didn't seem to be working - turned out I was putting on the wrong password and had made a typo when inputting my email address at the start and so couldn't reset the password. I set up a new account on the same device and the app had remembered my personal details but not all that I had achieved (a stone over 12 weeks) or the foods I had added.

I wonder if it is actually time to go it alone now I'm aiming to maintain and I have a fair idea of what the 1500 daily calories I'm now aiming for looks like? I think I might see how it goes for a week or two. wish me luck! I think I should be ok for tomorrow 's weigh-in because I know I kept to my limit all last week. All will be revealed tomorrow but I don't feel any fatter.

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Good luck, I hope you maintain successfully. I too need to average around 1500 cals to maintain, and have been maintaining since April, give or take a 1- 3 lbs fluctuation. Although I'd rather not be a slave to calorie counting, I admit I do still log on MFP and some days I'm surprised to find Ive gone way over. Be interesting to see how you get on.... like me, I'm sure you don't want to regain weight after all your efforts.


Yes, like you Ellie,I'll probably need to check on my calorie consumption from time to time so I don't accidentally go overboard. Thinking it will be useful around that post- Christmas period when there's lots of festive food in the house waiting to tempt me.

Well done on your successful maintaining, seems like you've nailed it 😄

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We can be a slave to those tools !!! Yeah go it alone if you feel confident 😜

What's the worse that can happen after all..........

A stone down you must feel fantastic!!! You know how it's done ? We know the rules !!!! Let's kick back and get this done,

Good luck & keep us posted.

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You could try creating a new email address that contains the typo from mfp and then reset the password. This way you wouldn't lose your progress.


Thanks Katie. I have managed to get back in again so all is not lost!


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