Thankyou, thankyou, THANKYOU!

I will definitely get to responding to each of you personally but to those of you who sent me lots of hugs and advice and encouragement on the "Depression" post I made 2 days ago I wanted to say a massive thankyou!

Its strange. I am often an advice giver here but when it comes to believing that me posting my woes and getting responses will make a difference - I have not really believed that in my heart.

But after you guys have been so caring and thoughtful I woke up yesterday and had one of the best days I have had in several weeks. I was up early and got a lot done in the backyard. I kept at it and even went back after I was exhausted and had had some rest. Admittedly I ate badly in the evening but apart from that it was a very productive day.

And I know it was ALL due to the smooshy hugs and caring posts I received from this forum,. I have no doubt about that and you have really opened my eyes on what some internet friends from half a world a way can do for someone like me.

Thankyou - I really REALLY mean that :)




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20 Replies

  • This is brilliant news. I am so happy you are better. Well done :-)

  • So glad you are feeling so much better, feline hugs and mine sent too x

  • I'm so happy to read this!!!

    I had the same feeling when I posted because I was doubting myself before a run, and the support I received FORCED me to actually do it!! Which I thought was incredible as really one would assume that people here are "just" Internet friends but really, I found myself having to run because I had promised I would and some people had said they would me about it the following day and I felt I had no choice but to do it!

    I am so happy to read you feel better. I have to say I have benefitted from the forum in more ways than just one I just need the time to write about it as really my experience has been really positive. From start to finish.

    Have a nice day and looking forward to reading from you soon!!

  • Can't tell you how pleased I am Dave, but previous advice to get some professional help and to get out there with other people should still be borne in mind.

    Let's hope you're on the up and up now :)

  • That's great you've had a good day after your troubles of last week, Dave :-) Don't worry about the eating for now - just fix yourself first and then you can get back into the swing of things - good luck for this week and I hope you go from strength to strength :-) :-)

  • Dear friend Dave,

    So happy to hear that all our hugs reached you at last and you're feeling better for it. Hope the garden is all but finished!

    Seeking medical advice is not a weakness but recognition that your brain accepts that your body needs tweaking as with any other medical condition on the books!

    Big hugs.


  • Hi Dave, we,ve only given back what you have given us. That,s how it works. Sooo very pleased that you feel a little better. Day at a time. Enjoy your day and be kind to yourself. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to taking our own advice but we get there in the end. More hugs 😆😆😆

  • Keep telling us when you need our help, we'll keep offering advice. We see ourselves reflected in each other. Sometimes the advice/ support we give is what we'd like to receive ourselves. I still recommend finding someone impartial to speak to, a counsellor of some sort, as it would help you to separate the depression from the weight loss. I think a lot of people would agree that responses to your post are helpful to them too. In fact sometimes it's a matter of wanting to thank you for asking the questions we may be less brave to ask ourselves. Good luck, and hope you keep having excellent days and keep feeling supported and hugged from afar :)

  • A quote from one of my favourite poems

    "If you can Smile at the moment

    When you are completely broken,

    Then remember

    There is nothing in this world

    that can break you next time"


  • So glad to hear that the rays of sunshine are back in your life Dave xxx <3

  • As the saying goes, ' Rome wasn't built in a day', and this little adage can be applied to so many things in life. One day at a time Dave, laying good foundations for a long lasting internal strength of mind. These foundations have to be of the right mix to be supportive, and the many folk on here are just that 'mix'. Go slow and easy on yourself hunny, focus on what went wonderfully in your day and forgive the blips. I sincerely hope you are finding that chink of light in the darkness, much love to you. 🍀

  • Glad to hear you had a better day Dave, and wishing you many more better days and moments ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Dave,

    I haven't been spending much time on this site recently due to frustration with IT issues as well as my own dramas but I decided to check in today to see how you were doing with your backyard project. I was so saddened to read that you have been so low and finding life difficult but happy to see that your most recent post was more positive.

    I know that you've had loads of advice about seeking professional help and establishing contact with the outside world but I also know that they are the hardest things to do when you are at your lowest ebb.

    You've had such an impact on the people using the site; your warmth, honesty and humour create an immediate bond and we've all claimed you as our own and wish you well.

    It's probably safer for you that you're in Australia as the queue of huggers and diggers would bring the UK to a standstill while we tried to sort you out!

    Take care & keep in touch when you can.

    Joyce x

  • Hi Dave. Am so glad you have had a good day and I hope you continue to feel better.

    I also hope you look for a therapist / counsellor: I had ten sessions with a qualified, registered and experienced psychologist last year and it is by far the most effective thing I have ever done for myself. No overnight miracle but months of slow improvements in life, relationships and lifestyle followed.

  • this is so great. I hope you have lots more good days to come, but keep posting. People really do care.

  • Hi Dave , just catching up with where you're at as your wise and humorous posts were such an encouragement to me and you're such a warm and genuine human being. Now following you and praying for you in this difficult time of your life. Having suffered depression myself I know it's likely that a dark place in your mind will try to tell things are pointless or that you are useless - don't believe it! you're still that same warm, funny beautiful human person and you're doing great getting on and doing productive things. Be kind to yourself. ❤️😃

  • Just wondered how you are, no news for ages? Hoping you are well? X

  • Hi Dave,

    Just thought I'd check in and see if you were ready to catch up with us again. I hope you're beginning to feel a bit stronger and coping better with your day-t0-day stuff.

    Stay strong.

    Joyce x

  • Calling Dave, come in Dave??? Hope all is ok. x

  • how are things down under

    I hear it's your summer

    hope your enjoying the summer

    it's cold this end

    greetings from England

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