Wardrobe Attack

With the first week almost over I decided to face my wardrobe and remove anything even a little to big. And pulling everything out from the hidden locations that is too small and put it into my wardrobe so I can see it all. It's my tactic for the evening to avoid any boredom eating.

Making Rogan Josh for dinner instead of having a takeaway. Go me.

How's everyone else's weekends going?


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15 Replies

  • Made a cracking veg stir fry for me while the others had sausage and chips takeaway...we should pat each other on the back, we're doing good avoiding takeaways on a Saturday night!

  • Yes, we definitely should. Weekends definitely do make it just that little bit harder, there just seems to be so many more temptations, even if it's just bad habits of takeaways and snacks with movies.

  • Sugar free jelly is a fave of mine atm, so few calories and feels "naughty" lol. I think I'm going to have a pack of quavers for my hundred cal snack tonight, but I have so many different things in stock that I don't feel the least bit deprived. For me it's important to have a hundred cal snack available every evening, and it's kept me on track having something to look forward to every day if I want it. When the rest of the family are eating crisps or chocs, I can have my snack and not feel left out! For movies, I'd say fruity tic tacs are the way forward...I get a cup of tea and four tic tacs every night which I suck to make them last. It would last ages if you had a whole pac of tic tacs to suck with a film and still have less calories than big bags of crisps and chocolate bars. My "coping strategies" lol, I knew I'd need them and am glad I planned ahead!

  • Hairy dieters meal tonight! Oh's birthday and he requested this, win win !!!! I thought he was going to want a takeaway so well pleased!

    Regarding your wardrobe, I wish I had kept my jeans, the ones I lived in, because I would like to see them now that I am two dress sizes smaller😊 I binned them as soon as they where to big, huge day, but in hindsight.....

  • That's a great idea! I'm gonna vac pack anything which finally becomes too big for me in a space bag so that I can try them on in a few stones' time...I like that idea very much!

    Happy Birthday to your oh too!

  • I feel whenever I go into stores and I'm not looking at size 18's will be enough for me. If I don't have bigger jeans that I can go into then I'll have to keep the weight off. I also always have my prom dress, which is probably when I was biggest. It's very satisfying chucking everything in a black bag to go to the clothing bank.

  • Oh thanks, he's chuffed! I do think it's a good idea though. I remember my jeans taking up a whole line oh the whirly, I pick my jeans up now ( only 2 sizes smaller) but I think they must be the kids!!!! Can't believe they fit meeeeeee😀😀😀😀

  • Hi RoundRobin, I do the same as you and clear bits out as they get too big - have tons of stuff to get rid of. I also buy things a little on the small side to slim into - fingers crossed I do.

    I love finding old clothes I kept just in case that now fit. I have a lot in the loft I'm going to go though over xmas although as a lot of it is from the 90s not sure it'll still be suitable.

    I hope you have saved a pair of trousers from your biggest time for that all important photo. I have and they already fall down :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  • I have a lot of stuff I bought online that just was just too small. Cloth sizing is a mystery at times. Looking forward to finally getting to wear them even though they will be labelled a bigger size then what I am. Bought some slim stuff today, and I have to same I'm looking a tad lumpy in them but it's 2 sizes smaller then I was and it's wearable. Tight clothes will keep me going to try and lose more.

    Good luck venturing into your loft, could find all manor of exciting things haha.

  • I definitely think it helps buying smaller stuff - I like my clothes to feel (but not look) tight. If they are a bit small then they will last a bit longer as the weight comes off.

    I know what you mean about online sizing. I keep the too small stuff to one side and try it on with every 1/2 stone I lose :)

  • Hmm, I'm starting to thing that keeping just one top and trousers would be fine, the de-cluttering would probably be a good exercise. I can't wait to actually get to that point! I bought a few jumpers which I can comfortably get into, but they would look better if I was a wee bit lighter...hoping to use them in January/February, and hoping for some cold, dry days at that time. Also hoping that the thought of the jumpers will stop me over-indulging at Christmas!

  • Please do it! I've got my winter jumpers out this week and can't believe how big they are!! I felt uncomfortable and self conscious in these last year, still trying to hide my tummy ( unaware how big my back, arms, legs, neck, face and everything else was) when you lose weight it does go from everywhere! I have a long way to go but losing some can make you feel incredible

  • WeightWarrior those jumpers will be not needed next year😀 You will look at them and say wow!!! The only downside is you will need a whole new wardrobe😉

  • I think having a clear out is very satisfying and motivating. For years I kept the much smaller clothes but in the end I got rid of them except just a few I loved. I don't know about anyone else but when I used to shop for clothes I bought what fitted me rather than what I loved. These days I'm much more careful and only buy what I really like. I've been in London with my daughters and grandchildren and saw the most incredible fireworks at Alexandra palace. I've kept to my calorie allowance to make up for my overindulgence in Cornwall earlier in the week. Monday weigh in here we come.

  • That is brave not ready for the wardrobe challenge yet. But I am looking forward to that day. Maybe in a month or so.

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