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Hi, its Saturday night and I'm sat in front of the telly eating Mars Bars - says it all really. I'm a 51 year old divorced bloke in a sedentary job thats gradually killing me. My weight has ballooned to 250 pounds in the last three years and I suffer from numerous weight related ailments. I'm a walking (or rather sitting) disaster zone :-)

BUT, in my favour;

1) My blood pressure and blood sugar are not far off normal

2) I am determined to lose 50 pounds over the next year

3) I retain my sense of humour

All I need is the occasional word of support which is why I signed up to this group rather than going to Weightwatchers or Slimmingworld.

I enjoy walking despite my aching knees and cycling, despite the razor like saddle of bikes nowadays. I dont wear lycra. I used to enjoy swimming until I came to the attention of Norwegian whaling ships.

So, 50 pounds in 50 weeks - should be do-able, shouldn't it?


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  • Hi and welcome Unclefester,

    You've come to the right place, if it's support you're after. You'll get bucket loads from us :)

    Have you decided what food plan you're going to be following?

    There's a Monday group weigh in run by Lowcal, where we all gather to record losses, gains, or maintains and give each other support and encouragement. It's very motivating.

    Lizzie runs a kicking the kilometres to dust on a Monday too, where you can brag about your achievements on foot, or cycle.

    All in all, it's fun and friendly and the more the merrier :)

  • Many thanks for tha rapid reply :-)

    I have no real food plan other than eating less and better combined with more exercise. I shall do a proper weigh in on Monday and share

  • You could have a look at the NHS 12 week Plan and see if that would suit you and there's also the couch 2 5k which is hugely popular (not with me, I hasten to add) :)

    I'll look forward to catching up with you on Monday. Enjoy your last weekend of Mars bars :)

  • We'll get you on that couch 2 5k plan yet, moreless ;-)

  • Over my dead body..............literally :)

  • Unless you count the cross trainer and walking on the running machine, it will be over my dead body too. Not built for speed.

  • Welcome and enjoy the forum, this is a really supportive, motivational and enjoyable place to be! I might not post much but when in situations like you tonight instead of munching my way through a whole weeks worth of calories I have a read through the posts! It really does help you focus, lots of luck on your journey😀

  • Many thanks!

  • Hello, definitely do-able. Day one starts tomorrow so step away from the mars bars. Come on in and join us. Look forward to seeing your posts and cheering you on. Starts with healthier eating choices and more exercise, small changes make such a difference.

  • Sounds like a very safe and realistic goal, a pound a week, I'm sure you can do it with no problems at all! This place is great, you can contribute as much or as little as you want, and it's good to come here if you are feeling like you might fall off the weightloss wagon too...welcome aboard!

  • Can you lose 50 pounds in 50 weeks? HELL YEA! We are all rooting for you!

    So which exercise would you like to do to achieve this goal? There are plenty of threads on this forum that you can join. I think there is a weekly walking thread . I am personally doing cycling as my weight loss.

    So which takes your fancy?

    P.s. I'm not a huge lycra fan aswell :)

  • Hello and welcome! Plans are good, focus on kilo bags of sugar, when you lose see it as them, or I do.

    Your goal is totally achievable, and worth aiming maybe a change of job is.?

    There is a Monday weigh in, here that lots like myself join in, losers , gainers and maintainers all join in, with congratulations and encouragement too.

    A thing to enjoy and maybe join in?

  • Thanks for the replies! The first task is complete - I scoffed the final Mars Bar :-)

    In terms of exercise, I'm going to start by daily walking over the winter gradually building up to 10000 steps. A few years back I did a 26 mile walk in aid of Help for Heroes which was tougher than I thought but it was good motivation.

    I'll also do a bit of cycling at weekends over winter and then in the evenings as they get lighter. I managed fifty miles earlier this year which was surprisingly enjoyable but probably a bit too much.

    I'm not a gym junkie but there again I don't drink or smoke.

  • So you have two things in your favour, the not smoking or drinking, a great place to begin, soon you'll feel lighter.........

    For every 1lb off its 5lbs off the knees, ypthe journey begins

  • How many did you have?

  • 4 - damned supermarket got me with a promotional deal :-(

  • Impressed (just weighing up the competition). Just try not to do it too often ;)

  • Save the money for new clothes

  • You sound focused😀You will do this😀

  • How about you give it a go and find out if it's doable Unclefester? If there's anything we can do to support you, let us know.

    Good luck!

  • Welcome....its so easy to get stuck in a rut but you can do this!!! Good Luck 👍

  • Fat to fab 😍

  • Of course you can do it. You sound really motivated already. I follow the 12 week plan and do at least 30 mins of exercise everyday - well that's the plan!

    I have 2 dogs that need walking so that helps me a lot to get out even when the weather is terrible. What works for me is having calculated exactly the right number of daily calories I need using the bmi tool on the 12 week plan, I then keep a food diary writing everything in it and calculate the calories. I use the app my fitness pal but just writing it down is what's important. It's easy to forget that chocolate bar or piece of cheese or slice of toast eaten on the hop. I'm undisciplined so find this helps for me. This forum is so supportive too. Join the weekly weigh in too. Good luck.

  • Use the bad knees as a motivator. Before I lost weight I had bad knees which my doctor said was arthritis and suffering from sciatica quite badly.

    Started 21 1/2 stone now done to 13 stones. After losing the first few stones it became apparent that I didn't have arthritis as all the pain in my kness went away and has not come back. The sciatica has also gone away.

    Apart from increasing my walking I did no exercise for the first six months and although I excercise more now I do it all a home.

    I lost at an average of 1.7 lbs a week so your ambition is easily achievable if you keep off the mars bars.

    Wish you all the best.

  • Hi. What diet plan have you followed? And over what time frame? Excellent result. Well dine 😆

  • *done

  • Not really followed any plan or set diet although for 3 months in the middle I did the Bodycoach plan which was very good.

    Mainly just cut out the bad foods, sugar and most carbs. Don't worry too much about fat but watch portion size. I weigh every day so after a bad day, the scales always show it and it focuses me to try a bit harder for the next few days. Tend to eat a lot of stir frys, chicken, salmon with veg and soy based sauces. Porridge for breakfast and fruit for lunch.

    Took 15 months to lose 8 stone. I am a bit more relaxed now and more maintaining than dieting although I have been a bit stricter for the last two weeks to lose the 12lbs YES 12 lbs I gained after a two week holiday. It's all,gone now thank goodness.

    I put the holiday weight gain down to eating bread and potatoes, biscuits, bigger portions, some desserts inc ice cream and drinking.

    It's no coincidence that these are all the things I cut out at the start of my diet. There is no secret, ditch the bad stuff and have a lot of self discipline and determination. I don't want to have a go at anyone else's struggle. It is not easy and I had years of on and off dieting. Something changed in my head this time. I was determined from day one and still am. Horrendous holiday photo did it for me. I had ignored doctors advice for years.

  • Thanks for your advice, im going to follow similar guidelines. I know my triggers and for me its bread, sugary carbs and sweet things. Im going low carb and cutting out the refined stuff. Its true what you say about your mind set changing...thats the most important part! Ive lost and regained about 18 stones over the past decade and I'm tired of the yo yo. Im trying to find a path thats sustainable and effective. Well done to you and good luck maintaining....thats pretty tough too :)

  • 12lbs is a lot! Mind you any more than 5 days away, and I'm desperate to be home again

  • Hello unclefester, here you will get a lot of support from kind hearted strangers, who is in the same similar predicament as yours.

    But first loose the mars bar and all the food that doesn't belongs in your cupboard .

    Have some nuts and seeds and fruits in a bowl on the table while you are watching to. And a bottle of water. No alcohols .

    Then get back to your swimming , you said you cycle a lot. Take up indoor cycle exercise which is a great to shed those pounds.

    Keep up with your walking. Be more active. You said you divorce. Go out and socialised with other people. This will help the mind , and in a way will keep you from thinking to much about food.

    I hope this will help.

  • Welcome aboard ,

    Nearly finished my first week. Fell off the wagon last night ....well it was my birthday 🍾🍾 and had one too many. You'll find the forum great fun to read, it gives you loads of encouragement, you never know you might even find love again!! 💕.

    Keep motivated.😀

  • Hi unclefester :-) First of all - step away from those Mars Bars !! Secondly, congratulations on avoiding the lycra !

    If you like the walking and cycling, I definitely recommend you join the 'kicking the kms' thread each week. Sort out a plan of walking or cycling, set a target and aim towards that each week - it will really get you motivated !

    Have you got some plans for what you are going to be eating ? If you check out the NHS site, you will find the BMI checker which will also give you a recommended calorie intake to lose that lb a week. If you need a way of recording calories, a lot of people use myfitnesspal which is available on website or as an app.

    Watch out for those pesky whaling ships and good luck :-)

  • You can do it. It is hard. We are all finding it hard. You will get support. I suggest you go through your larder and chuck out the chocolate and high calorie junk foods.

  • Some people have suggested getting rid of mars bars etc, but I recommend replacing them. A little of what you like stops you going nuts having too much. I used the freezer to keep things out of temptation's reach. I made healthy flapjacks etc which I stored in the freezer and took out one a day. I also switched to dark chocolate which is harder to overeat on, sort of goes claggy in your teeth. You can also just buy certain small chocolate bars around the 100cal mark, one at a time, don't get tempted by the multibuys! Also I found it helpful to switch to online ordering, so I wouldn't end up buying unhealthy stuff the supermarkets lay out to tempt you, focusing instead on what I actually need. Then between shops I stock up on fresh fruit n veg at a local greengrocers. Basically keep swapping unhealthy habits to healthy ones, one at a time, in a way that works for you, and good luck :)

  • I allow myself a very small bar of the high % cocoa chocolate every now and then. This to me tastes more chocolaty anyway. I don't know how others feel but I have to stay away from milk chocolate - I don't like it as much but I seem to eat more of it. Food weird stuff

  • Hi Unclefester,

    Wishing you the very best with your goals, and hope you enjoy being part of the forum and community - it's a really supportive and encouraging place. Great that you're planning to weigh-in and share on Monday.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi and welcome - lots of support here 😀 I've lost 49 lbs since end of April and have arthritis in both knees. Walking and Aquafit were the exercises I started off doing. You can do it 👍🏻

  • Welcome onboard Unclefester. I've just put up the thread 'Kicking those kms to the dust'. I hope to see you post on it. We need you, Unclefester!

    :) :) :)

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