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Starting the 12 weeks programme

Hiya. I'm mum to two children. One of the children has autism. He eats the same meals, alot. chocolate, french toast, cheese sandwich and yoghurts.

my daughter is 2 and she is doing the same.

so i do find having meal times very hard. I want to lose weight.

I'm doing it today, I have printed it all off. it is in folder. I took the first week out and going read it every day if i fall of the wagon.

last month, i change my life by going to the gym. It is time tolook after my body, i eat right.

thank you

any tips, ideas would be awesome. thank you

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Hi Gemma,

Welcome to the forum, and I hope you'll enjoy the NHS 12 week plan. Good luck with everything. It is a great plan, and full of great advice as well as an excellent structure - different themes each week. Easy to follow.

What I would suggest is maybe using an app alongside it to help you to track the calories and exercise etc, and Myfitnesspal is one that is easy to use.

Also, if you like the idea of a group weigh-in, I post a Monday Group weigh-in post just before 7am every Monday, and it is a really supportive and friendly group. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea to weigh-in, but if you like that idea, and you fancy doing so in a group setting, then you'd be very welcome to join us.

Hope to see you round and about in the forum, and hope you have a great first week.

Wishing you success with your weight loss journey.

Lowcal :-)


Hi and welcome Gemma,

I'm a big believer in bulk cooking and freezing into individual portions, maybe this is something you could try when the kids aren't around, then you can take out a meal for you, at any time and stick it in the microwave.

Well done for starting at the gym, you're braver than me :)

Best of luck on your journey to a healthier you :)


Hi Gemma

Welcome - Do join in the Monday weigh-in that Lowcal has mentioned if that's remotely appealing! It's irrationally motivating to get a pat on the back or commiseration according to how well your week has gone!

Children bring a bunch of unexpected challenges don't they. A couple of mine have a few issues - and it does get me down sometimes and not allow me "be myself" when my friends with children of a similar age seem to be getting their lives back a bit.

You sound like you are ready to make a bit of time and space for "you" - well done, being healthy and in control of your weight might make you feel a bit more on top of the other issues too. I've been feeling a lot more positive as I've peeled off a few pounds recently!

I'm no expert on autism but it must be a good thing for both of your children to see you tucking into, and enjoying, a wide variety of healthy foods. With any luck you may be forced to share some of them!

A good meal that works well for me (dieting) and for the rest of the gang (sporty active teens) is roast chicken dinner. I make them the works (inc roast potatoes, proper gravy, lots of steamed veg), and I eat everything apart from the roast potatoes and the gravy (make myself some instant stuff which has negligible calories). My latest discovery is the Roast in the Bag chickens from Aldi (£4 ish each?) and Co-op (2 for £7) - they really cut down on the washing up / messing around and I can get a proper hot meal into all of us with minimal fuss. Ideal for winter family feeding, so hence we are on two Sunday roasts a week now... mostly neither of them on a Sunday actually!




Lots of great ideas already from Lowcal, moreless & runningsoon - but I would just add my best wishes and good luck with the plan - just think about the first week, plan some meals, stick to your plan as best you can, and hopefully a bit of weight loss for the first week will motivate you for the next week :-)


hiya everyone, this week i have been in the house for 7 days. my children are unwell. I'm surprise i stick well with the eating, i didn't exercise much.

wonderful tips, I have been dinner and used it for three days. My kids usually don'tr eat my meals.

Since son been off sick. he has been eating apples and bananas, mostly.

It has hard but easy. my mum drop off chicken, 39p. so i made a salad with hot salsa. i dont like mayo much. so hot salsa made lovely kick to my weird salad. i had coldcouregette and carrots.

monday, i take my daughter to nursery. i use my scooter. soon going be my bike, i'm looking forward to that.

i havemissed the gym or going out for walks. very dull being stick in the house.


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