week one update cycling

Start weight :64kg Goal weight 53kg

Monday : Distance = 43.95 km, calorie loss =1000 Time= 90 minutes

Tuesday: Distance =55.4 km, calorie loss = 1261 Time= 2 hours

Wednesday: Distance = 54.59 km , calorie loss = 1242 Time= 2 hours

Thursday : Distance = 57.3 km , calorie loss = 1304 Time = 2 hours

Friday: Distance = 58.15 km, calorie loss = 1323 Time = 2 hours

Total distance : 269.39 km Total calorie loss = 6130 Total time = 9 hours 30 minutes

End weight : 62.2 kg Total weight loss = 1.8 kg Next week target = 61.2 kg


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7 Replies

  • That's almost 3406 kcalories per kilogram of weight loss. Well done!

  • Thank you concerned, I appreciate your support :)

  • Just.....Wow.......WOW :)

  • Hi Elin15,

    Congratulations on your weight loss - 1.8 kg is amazing, and I hope you enjoyed your exercise. Great to see it all listed like that, shows how much you've acheived. Hope you enjoyed it.

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • That's so impressive, I'm gobsmacked! :)

    You really need to join Lizzie's kicking the kilometres to dust thread, because you're covering more ground than the rest of us put together! :)

    What can I say, except keep up the good work :)

  • Thank you :) I joined this forum as I am nearing towards the end of my weight loss goal. And this was a lot of practice and body conditioning to get back to this level of fitness.

    This was basically my upbringing as no one in my family used to drive , so we had to cycle and walk to school/work. (At one stage me and my mother had to walk 8 miles to work and back ) , Carry heavy food shopping up big hills etc hehe

    I then got married and my husband came with a car which was my downfall!

    If ANYONE needs any tips or advice on how to get this active I would be happy to help. Bare in mind that you would have to eat more for your body to keep up


  • Never mind eating more, I'd need a body transplant first!! :)

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