Calorie count during exercise

Elo lovely people, had phone issues so was MIA a since i started exercising and counting calories theres something thats loosing i supposed to exercise all the calories am eating off or what? Yesterday i ran 200 something calories off an today twas the same does that mean am actually now eating less and am malnutritioned or its okay still to stick to 1400 and have the two being knocked off by the jogging on a daily basis...


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  • Hi again Thule,

    Again I'm probably not the one to answer your question, as I don't have a smart phone and don't do much physical stuff, however from what I've gathered from other members, is that they don't "eat" their burned calories, unless they're doing something really energetic, that they feel the need for more fuel.

    I hope this'll tide you over til someone far more knowledgeable comes along :)

  • Thank you, lemme take that one for need a smart phone its fun i tell you

  • We don't have broadband or wifi, so there's no point :)

  • Ohh this side we buy data bundles using airtym...LOLSS

  • I'm sorry, I didn't realise you spoke a different language too :)

  • I don't eat more food if I'm doing small amounts of exercise unless I feel I really need it. But when I'm doing more intensive exercise, like rugby which burns like 1000+ calories I add in a snack before and after.

  • Thank u Robin

  • I'd suggest we shouldn't take fitness calorie burn into account. We may do physical exersises to improve our health, improve our body image, have fun.. but don't expect a treadmill to be an excuse for extra cake.

    In my experience, just never increase calorie intake because of fitness, unless you're a professional athlete.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks bubble, I will do so...was just wondering what happens...thank u

  • Hi Thule, looking at your old posts, may I suggest you've got some stored 1400 enough? What's your BMI? Could you have a higher daily intake?

  • Nice phrasing !! :-)

  • Hey Port, daily recommended daily intake is 1884-2420kcal...I feel that already my measurements are off coz i dont have a measuring cup so i sort of estimate things, this werkend I had this feeling i already was over eating...i feel that 2400 plus is too much though...what if I dont loose weight at all?sooo confused and feeling defeated...if i dont eat this amount what will happen?

  • I suggest...Go for the lowest of the range...1800, with exercise you'll make really great life changing choices that hopefully won't make you feel as though youre missing out....the concern about not eating enough is that your body will protect itself if it thinks your starving....good luck this week.

  • Thank you dear, without this community I do not know what I would be like

  • I feel exactly the same way.....

  • I'm with the not eating your exercise cals too, but some days are different to others. Sometimes if I've done a run or bike ride in the morning I can start to fade a bit in the afternoon. Then its worth having a little something to boost your energy, so I found I would go up to 1500/1600 sometimes, although not as a rule.

    As PP says, its worth checking if 1400 is the right daily cals for you. The BMI calculator recommended about 1500/ day when I started out, which was why I didn't rigidly stick to 1400. Maybe check to see what it says for you :)

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