Healthy weekly weight loss

So a couple of questions

1) whats a healthy amount of weight to lose a week? I'm aiming for 1-1.5kg a week but dont know if this is unhealthy?

2) how are people planning on dealing with weight loss as christmas approaches? all those christmas parties- big christmas dinners- chocolate and alcohol. just the thouhgt of it makes me worry! I've done so well so far and dont want to just undo it all :(


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13 Replies

  • Hi Wood05,

    Regarding your first question, there are a couple of links you could look at:

    Both recommend losing 1 to 2 pounds (sorry, didn't look up the equivalent in kilos, but you can easily convert). People usually lose a bit more in the first weeks of a healthy eating plan, but generally 1 to 2 pounds per week is considered healthy to enable sustainable weight loss and good habits that can be maintained. Losing more than that could have the potential to lead to feeling deprived and potentially bingeing or losing some control.

    Regarding the second question, I can think of a few things that have helped me:

    * No longer buying chocolate gifts or decorations for the tree until the very last minute (if possible) because if they are in the house before then, I might eat them! (I've eaten selection boxes for children, and lots of chocolate tree decorations before).

    * Asking friends and family not to buy me any chocolates or biscuits as gifts. The less of those I have in the house the better - but I do buy a small bar of delicious chocolate from Hotel Chocolat for myself, which I savour in the early evening on Christmas Day - I love the fact I can eat it all to myself at that time, and I look forward to it!

    * I always enjoy the Christmas meal on Christmas Day - but I don't overdo things - I think that it's basically a meat with lots of veg and some roast potatoes meal (so not really out of the ordinary), and I enjoy it - I have a dessert and I drink a couple of glasses of wine, but that's it - it doesn't feel like going over-board.

    * We no longer buy or make a Christmas cake - but we do buy a smaller slab of Christmas cake to enjoy a couple of pieces each. We don't buy mince pies or chocolate Yule logs - nothing like that makes it into the house! We enjoy nuts and satsumas, stuff like that as Christmassy snacks.

    * I try to make sure I do plenty of walking - regardless of the weather, and still try to do my exercises generally.

    I've definitely changed my habits over Christmas from past Christmases, and I feel so much better for it. Whatever happens over Christmas, know that we can all move forward from it and learn from anything that we do experience during that time, and hopefully fine-tune the Christmas so it works better for you.

    Hope those suggestions are helpful in some way - it's a very individual thing, but I love the fact you've asked this question, as I'm looking forward to seeing people's responses.

    Hope you're having a good week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • My thoughts exactly! I tend to buy s couple of GU puds, maybe one or two mince pies over the season, don't drink, and see treats differently these days

  • The NHS plan is designed for a weight loss of 1 - 2lbs/week. However we're all different and our bodies haven't read the rules, so that's an average. The truth is, that our weight can be affected by different things and can fluctuate from week to week. As a good rule of thumb, it's best to look at the bigger picture, ie an overall downward trend, rather than being too hung up on the weekly figures.

    As for Christmas, I plan to do exactly as I have been doing for the last 8 1/2 weeks, whether I'll achieve it is another matter :)

    If you feel you're unable to control your consumption, plan in advance exactly what you're going to allow yourself to eat and drink and factor it into your allowance. Enlist the support of your friends and family and try and steer clear of too much alcohol, as it can weaken your resolve and give you the munchies :)

    Christmas is a time to enjoy yourself, so don't stress out too much, or you'll spoil it :)

  • Hi Wood05, you've already been given some good advice in the answers from Lowcal and Moreless. Answers which help me too :) So, good questions from you :).

    Christmas is but one day, but there are also a number of other days around that period where, for me, there are gatherings and parties.

    Where there's food and drink, there's also dancing :D I shall be brushing up on my "bad dance moves" well beforehand (I started this morning whilst doing the housework). My plan is to stay up on the dance floor as long as possible. I'm going to let my hair down (difficult for a baldy) and dance away the calories. :D While I'm dancing, I wont be worried about food and drink. :D

    The alternative would be to be a wallflower, chatting and trying very hard to eat and drink very little, which is something I know I will fail at.

    I shall be sipping plenty of water, getting high on the moment and not on the alcohol. :)

    This works for me, particularly when there are widely varying age groups. The best thing is to pick and choose, what is best for you.

    Best wishes :)

  • May I join you for Christmas, please? You sound like the life and soul of the party and I'm an expert at bad dancing :)

  • In Feb, it's my wife's 60th. Huge party and all welcome :) The theme is going to be 70's which gives us plenty of scope in the bad dress and bad moves departments LOL

  • Oh my word, it's my OH's 60th in April and a 70's party would be ace!!

    Where's my afro wig, platforms and flares? :)

  • We always finish with the Rowboat song :) Great fun. I might even lose a bit of weight :)

  • Love it, love it, love it :)

    I'm way down memory lane now :)

  • Fantastic! Like a who's who of 70's disco :)

    I can't wait to hear how your own Saturday night fever goes :)

  • Aren't you going to have Rick the boat too?

  • Oh yeah! Plenty of Abba, James Brown, Madness, Weather Girls and plenty more :)

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