Weekend don't ruin me

Today I am 11.13

My weigh in is Monday (last Monday I was 12.1)

I am attending 2 parties this weekend

One on Saturday (house party)

One on Sunday (a dinner party)

I have very rarely stayed the same weight from Friday to Monday and i think once lost Weight over a weekend (gain gain gain)

I can't handle feeling left out

fun is food and drink with friends and family to me

I exercise enough

It's my drink and food are my downfall

Good luck everyone stay strong it's only 3 days to Monday's weigh in

Last Monday 12.1

This Monday ..........


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15 Replies

  • The choice is yours, it depends how much you want to lose weight. At the end of the day you can enjoy yourself without going mad.

    I am not sure what to say to you that would encourage you not to sabotage your journey into a slimmer, fitter you. All I can do is wish you luck

  • try that dress on that you have been talking about! good luck weekends are my downfall (although I am a maintainer (supposidly) I spin for 1 hr at 6,45 am on Thursday and do 1 hr insanity on Wednesday amongst others - those are the classess for my weekend wine :( A bit of a trade off - no pain no gain look forward to your results monday !

  • Fun is friends and family, food is fuel and drink other than water is really unnecessary.

    I don't say that to be a killjoy, but I think, for you, that alcohol is your Achilles heel.

    Try doing without it on just one of the days over the weekend and see if it makes it easier for you to control the eating.

    Have fun, but try and do it differently :)

  • Eat befor u go to the house party drink spirits and diet drinks top your drinks up with ice water and maybe some lemon etc keep mixing have fun

    Try and find out what's for eating at dinner party add extra veg etc

  • I have a sorta rule that I only really drink when I'm dancing haha. 1 because dancing sober is mortifying and 2 the dancing is somewhat exercise like and it allows me to feel less guilty about all those empty calories.

    If it's the sort of food parties that you can bring a dish to then you can bring something healthy to eat. Otherwise just make the smartest choices of what's available. I find that if I feel like I'm missing out all the time I'm just setting myself up to fail.

  • You could and would be wise to say, I eat smaller portions these days.?

    Take smaller amounts, carry some fab herbal teas around, climbing you are cutting back on booze, eat a few burs or egg oN toast before you go Out.

    Everyone's weight changes , fluids, hormones, gas , not one day is the same for most of us

  • What would be the best snack to eat before I go to a party you said bur

    Not sure what that is thanks

  • Nuts, sorry

  • I did it last night ;(

    Had 1000 Cals too much ;(

  • Hopefully you can cut back elsewhere in the week? To gain a better chance for losing?

  • What I meant was calorie wise

  • I've had one slice of brown bread instead of 2.with a tomato and 2 eggs for breakfast

    Fist meal of the day has been very good to set me up for the day

    I'm going swimming at 11 so hopefully by lunch I will have taken of 600 kcals and il be good the 2nd half of the day

    Then going to an all night party so will eat an egg and slice of toast before I go

    Then that might be too many eggs (3 in a day)

  • I think it's a good idea to not arrive at a party hungry so pleased to hear you have a plan. Bananas work for me - quite filling and they are one of my favourite fruits (if they are at the right yellow /green ratio!) - and can go into a handbag for emergencies too. My handbag doubles as an emergency fruit bowl to get me through work / social stuff - if I start eating rubbish when I'm hungry there is no stopping me unfortunately!

    Good luck with your fun weekend!

  • You should try peanut butter brown toast and banana or add honey or add Nutella 👏

  • I gained 3 pound from Friday morning to Monday morning

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