So I lost a little weight when I last posted, but I never kept up the effort and I’ve put the weight back on. I could make a load of excuses but the truth is I just haven’t tried hard enough.

I thought I should set a goal for myself to achieve and list some reasons for getting there! Some of these things are things I can’t do while I’m this fat while some will be easier if I’m not this fat or if I’m fitter.

So my goal is 16 stone by August. I think that’s potentially within my grasp.

Things I want to lose weight for:

Theme Park rides.

Walking on the beach without jiggling.

Being able to walk and work without sweating heavily.

Being able to walk around London.

Riding a mountain bike.

Learning to ride a motorbike.

Buying clothes I like and having them fit.

Walking up stairs without gasping for air.

Not breaking chairs or loo seats.

There’s probably other stuff too I just can’t think!

Current weight 23st 1lb


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13 Replies

  • What a fantastic idea Jay :)

    I'd like to achieve those things as well, except for the theme park rides and the motorbike, because I'm a big wuss :)

    These things are all within your grasp and your journey can be fun, especially if you do it with all of us. Don't be a stranger, keep coming onto the site to get support and encouragement.

    You could join us on the Monday weigh in group, run by Lowcal, where not only will you feel accountable, but also we're all in the same boat and the whole experience is really motivating.

    Whatever you choose to do, we'll all be cheering you on :)

    Good luck :)

  • Thank you!! I will weigh in Monday! Whether I get online Monday or not is another matter :P And don't worry I know a lot of people who aren't keen on the motorbike one haha ;)

  • Problems with your internet, or problems with yourself? :)

    I think motorbikes are absolutely terrifying! :)

  • Both.... ;)

  • I like to give myself incentives at weight loss points to give myself something to look forward to. I generally do like every half a stone and it's something like a new hair cut or a new top. Nothing food related. My next one is a corset. Always wanted one. That's for when I get down to 16 stone which I'm very close to now.

    Good luck with your weight loss :-)

  • Hi RoundRobin - enjoy your new corset you minx ;) I have a fantastic one I got from Covent Garden when I got married 10 years ago.

  • Hi sueper - I'm not looking for anything super fancy just something nice haha, seen some online for under a tenner since I still have 4 stone ish to go to get to my target weight of 12 stone, I don't want to spend any more than that.

  • Hi RoundRobin, so it is an interim corset :) I have lots of clothes like that. Maybe you can splurge on one when you hit your target weight - then you'll have to maintain to keep fitting in it. I am planning to do much the same with a leather jacket :)

  • Hi Jay, you have confused me with you two posts and I am easily confussed! ;)

    Weight wise I have a target of 14st 7lb by next October - only 5 and a bit stone to go! That would see a total weight loss of 10 stone - I may not do it but I am still lighter than I was so happy days :)

    As for the things I want to do when I am normal sized well like you I want to go on theme park rides - the faster the better! I plan to go to Orlando in several years and really want to go on the Harry Potter ride but I hear it is very small. I was about 19 stone last time I went and had no issues with the rides but it seems the HP ride will be a problem.

    I also fancy a go on a zip wire, walking up Mount Snowdon and not having to check out the size of chairs before I squeeze myself in them.

    The good news is I achieved one of my goals last month - I didn't need a seat belt extender when I flew to Malta - in fact there was even a bit of slack! I was so chuffed :)

    Good luck with getting some of those lbs off! Incidentally since losing some weight I sweat much less which is so nice. I can now stand all evening in the pub without sweating buckets and being desperate to sit down!


  • Before I lost my weight it was a struggle to fit into the theme park rides at 21 1/2 stone. I was also getting to the stage where I could only just manage a airplane seat belt.

    16 stone by August sounds a bit ambitious. It took me 14 months to lose 7 stone at approx 1.7 lbs per week although I had quite a few holidays during that time which slowed my progress. Don't set yourself up to fail.

    Set mini targets at say half a stone at a time or getting into the next stone range down.

    Exercise does get easier the more weight you lose but don't worry about it at first, concentrate on diet.

    Other than walking I didn't do anything for the first 6 months although I gradually increased distance and sought out a few hills but at the start I struggled up even small inclines.

    8 stone down now and I even go on hill walks in the Peak District and am buying a bike.

    Take your time and I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that the most important part of your weight loss is getting your head in the right place.

    You know the good foods and the bad ones. Avoid the bad and watch portion sizes.

    You can do it. I did after 40 years of not caring at all.

  • I'd love to be brave enough to buy a wetsuit. I love swimming in the sea and it's quite nice still now but soon you really need a wetsuit. that would be a good start.

  • Wishing you all the best on your journey!! Your incentive list is great and i have no doubt you will achieve your goals. 😀

  • Taking small steps at a time achieves huge results in the future. Take a slow 20 minute walk in fresh air, forget it's winter!. Do that every day and you will be surprised at how quickly your fitness levels will increase. As you get better you know your goals will be very achievable . Good luck and keep walking 👍 👍

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