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How many calories to have a day?


Hello can anyone tell me how many calories I should have a day. I can't really excersise as I'm having a total hip replacement in 3 weeks and last year I had a total knee replacement. I'm 209lbs now and have cut down to 1100 calories a day but I'm not losing anything and just feel starving all the time

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Hi Christmascrazy,

No wonder you're starving, that's not very many calories.

Enter your details into the NHS BMI calculator and that'll tell you how many calories you need per day.

Don't worry about the exercise for now, you can gradually introduce that in time.

Hope this helps :)

i put all my info in and it says eat 826 that's loads lower than I'm eating now. So I'm really confused now.

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Click on this link

Click start on the BMI calculator and fill in your age, height and weight. When it asks, say you do little or no exercise. It will tell you if you're overweight and give you the recommended number of calories underneath.

I hope this helps :)

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I've just done it guessing your age and height and it came out at 1550 - 1990, which is considerably more than 1100 :)

That's hardly anything. I would try again! I'm 177 lbs and it came out at about 1400 calories.

Hi christmascrazy,

Moreless is right you are not eating enough calories. Look at your weekly diet plan (nhschoices) to get ideas for food intake. Hope this helps.

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