Well and truly fell off the wagon!

Everything was going so well. I was hitting my 2lb weightloss target every Sunday, I was motivated and I was loving it! But then it all went down hill. For the past few weeks I have told myself this is the week I am going to pick myself up and get back on it, but without failure the next week comes and still nothing. I cannot seem to get out of this rutt! It is driving me insane because I know I can do it. I need serious motivation help!!!


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  • Hi Vicky, sorry you're not feeling great :( I really recommend joining the Monday weight loss group posted by the AMAZING Lowcal and followed by many! There is always someone to pick you up dust you off and send you away smiling - they did it for me today (late post!!) Really worth trying and if Monday is harder then weigh in on Sunday and post when you get chance on Monday.. Stay strong :)

    Kate x

  • I think we all get those despair moments! You know what you need to do to get back on track, your habits are not firmly fixed, brain to body.

    I'm going through one if those 'why bother' phases too hormonal bloating 5 days in now, driving me nuts.............despite doing everything and anything to make it better.

    The reality is, it will go when it's ready, and I madly craved sugar yesterday.

    You need to imagine a happier better you, that will come with weight loss and some inspiring recipes to go with it.

  • How about breaking it down to bite size pieces Vicky, instead of saying "this is the week", try this is the day, or this is the meal. Sometimes, it can just feel so overwhelming, that it's just easier not to bother.

    You've made a great step by posting on here and I would suggest that you do it as often as possible. Just reading the threads is really motivating and I agree with chubbymummy, it doesn't get better than the Monday weigh-in thread.

    Don't think you're in any way abnormal, we all go through times like this and that's when the ideal thing to do, is to reach out to those that understand best.

    I hope our replies have helped you to put things back in perspective and that you can start again with renewed enthusiasm.

    We're rooting for you :)

  • Hi Vicky

    You've come to the right place for motivation and support. I had a big tumble off the wagon on Sunday and then spent all day Monday recovering from a hangover and eating stodge. On Tuesday morning, I weighed in 24 hours late on the Monday weigh in thread and started again.

    You say that you know you can do this, don't start tomorrow or next week, start now. Make sure that the very next thing that you eat is healthy and log the calories. Can you give yourself a short-term goal a target weight or a date in the not too distant future (ie Christmas) and how much weight you would like to lose by then.

    I agree with Kate and Moreless and cannot recommend the Monday weigh in thread posted by Lowcal strongly enough. The thread is very popular and one of the fab 5 make sure that every single post receives at least one reply. The continued support given by these guys is nothing short of amazing and many other forum members chip in along the way, it's a great way to start the week on the right foot.

    I hope that posting your frustration here has helped and that you continue your weight loss journey very soon.

  • Hi Vicky. I feel for you. A lot of us have been there but now you just need to draw a line under the failure it's in the past and concentrate on the now and get back on the plan. I agree the mondY weigh in is really helpful. Stick to your calorie allowance and be strict until you reestablish the habit again. Lots of water. You know it really. Good luck.

  • I was going to post something similar I have also gone downhill with my eating I will blame it on my time of the month but must really pull myself up as I am feeling so awful from just eating and eating. I am so glad you are all telling me this is so normal to eat all day and you just pick yourself up and still loose weight.

  • Time of the month is really difficult for me, I just want to stuff my face and crave everything that is bad for me, I feel completely out of control on every level not just with food but emotions too so double whammy.

  • Thank you for making me feel human!

  • Magnesium OK by wassen is fab, and stops that craving/fix thing! I have been a loy better since eating nut butter and eggs tho.

    Ginger is great too, raw ginger minced in tea, solves cramps , boil water place heaped teaspoon in boiling water, strain, eat ginger afterwards if you can.

    I add my stomach was painful due to bloating last night, it made it less painful, even if it didn't solve the bloat!

  • Thanks Diana I'll try that and let you know how I get on x

  • It is not fun. I think we all of us understand how it feels to have bad days. Just stick with it and drink lots of water.

  • Hi Vicky...Just think about how you feel now....in yourself, your clothes....and what would you have felt like before your life change? You're on your way....go you!

  • Thank you all for your comments and much needed support. Cannot thank you enough for your understanding and I will definitely be having a look at the monday weigh in feed. Thank you!

  • Will be looking out for you on Monday :)

  • Me too.......why do we do this to ourselves x

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