Disappointing first week

My week started on wednesdays so have just completed week 1. My recommended calories range was between 13,118 and 16,870 for the week and I clocked in at 13,681, very close to the lower level. But I have lost no weight and am exactly what I was a week ago... :(

Glum boy at this end because the week wasn't easy. But ..... I won £50 on the premium bonds today!


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6 Replies

  • Hi Rich,

    My first thought is that your calorie intake is too low. Where did you get your daily allowance from? If you put your details into the NHS BMI counter, you'll get a good idea of the calories you should be consuming.

    Great news about the premium bond win though, you'll be able to buy yourself some nice new clothes when you've lost all your excess weight :)

  • Hi Moreless, I got the range from the NHS but will go back and check in case I calculated wrong. I think it said a daily range of 1871-2410 which x 7 days is what I had as a weekly target. But if I have been low on taking calories as you suggest, wouldn't that mean I am more likely to lose weight? Thanks for replying.

  • Your daily range, is exactly that. You shouldn't be eating less than 1871 calories/day.

    Your body isn't daft, if it thinks you're going to starve it, then it'll hang onto that fat for dear life :)

    Try eating what you're supposed to eat and see how you get on, because don't forget, the lighter you get, the fewer calories you require and if you're already starving yourself, where have you got to go? :)

    Good luck :)

  • Ok, thanks again - onwards and upwards ....

  • Congrats on the win...and the premium bonds too....you won because you've started and made a decision to be healthy...try a half hour of walking too...

  • Thanks, yes I need to up my exercise regime though I do have an allotment and do quite a bit of gardening. I took early retirement so have plenty of time. I have a lovely bicycle which I haven't used much recently so I should use that more too.

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