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I sort of followed the twelve week plan, I couldn't do as much excercise, mainly walking, gardening and light housework. I cut the portion size, cut out almost all bread and potato, but had lots of fruit and veg and fish I do not eat meat. I drank plenty of water. I found that after dining out weight would go up as it is difficult to calorie count when having a meal with friends. I weigh myself every morning, it helps to keep me on the right track, I don't get upset when I have put a couple of pounds on as long as over the week I stay the same weight or lose some. I have been okay doing the weight loss on my own, I have a friend who is also trying to lose weight too, however I am finding being part of a support web site useful and am trying to get my friend to join too.



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  • Sounds like you've been doing really well Pollyanna :-) It's all about making changes that are going to help you throughout the future, not just a quick fix - so it's got to fit in with your lifestyle to an extent. The support here is great :-)

  • I agree with Lucca Pollyanna, you just can't beat the support and motivation you get from this forum:)

    Keep up the good work and tell your friend she's more than welcome :)

  • Totally agree about the forum...keeps us all positive and there's so much support here!

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