12 weeks in

HEY GUYS I have competed all 12 weeks of the nhs plan and have managed to loose 18lbs total lost however I have got a huge way to go I have started ma 90 days journey again today 2/11/15 I hope it goes great so I can achieve my total weight loss

75% diet

25? training

back at the gym tomorrow to see more progress in the upcoming 2 weeks I hope everyone doing great and good luck to everyone


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24 Replies

  • Well done, that is a great loss so far.

    Good luck with the next phase! :)

  • thankyou good luck to u too

  • Well done on completing the nhs 12 week plan and on losing a very impressive 18 lbs. You should be so proud of your achievements :-)

    Keep going hello123456 you are doing great!

  • hry im proud of my achivementt hopefly will able to do another 90day with motivation and wish you good luck

  • Brilliant - you are an inspiration!

  • aw thankyou good luck to u too

  • Superb loss and effort hun. Welcome to the next 90 days. 🎉😊

  • yes indeed welcome to the next 90 days ready to lose more pounds beliving in ur self make everything possible good luck

  • Congrats that is a great achievement :) :) :)

  • thankyou good luck to u

  • Well done - that's a great weight loss for the 12 weeks :-) I've just done the 12 weeks as well, and for me the biggest achievement has been sticking to it - hopefully the next 12 weeks will be easier and easier !

  • hey thankyou this is possible for you too you an achive the goals u ant to just have a positive mind I wish you best of luck you can do this

  • That is amazing to loose 18 lbs in 12 weeks. Thanks for the encouragement as I am desperate to loose 2 stones and basically I should just keep going don't give up as it takes time to loose. I guess one did not build Rome over night! Thanks!

  • hey yes im glad I was able to do it with a positive mind I wish all the best of luck to you and hope you achive your goal

  • Hi Hello123456,

    Congratulations on losing 18 pounds - that is brilliant! :-)

    Hope your gym sessions go ok and have another great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • thnkq for the support I wish you good luck

  • Yes, 123456, you are a role model for all of us in the program. Keep doing it. Now I know that this is a lifestyle change. If you can do it, so can I.

    Thank you.

  • aww thankyou I hope you achive ur goal

    best of luck

  • Wow! Well done! That's so encouraging to read! What I like about this plan and approach is it doesn't seem faddish, it's a realistic goal that can be met by real people, and you're proof of that!

    Good luck with the rest of your journey!

  • thankyou and you too good luck

  • congrats!! that;s excellent! What a sense of achievement! Have you got any advice, tips or anything specific which you feel made a difference?

    I am someone just starting the phase and think I am already doing what it says on the program....

  • hello sarahdoll the key in to this is keeping hydrated drink plenty of water 3litres a day would be good eat healthy (salads fish grilled chicken 0start excersing slowly like walking then running and swimming is also goo have green tea with out sugar and stay away from crips drinks chocolates ice creams everything containing sweets join the gym an do weight training to keep u going and I wish you good luck and all the best pls doo keep me updated with ur progress

  • cheers for the quick reply! I am walking every day and strength training twice a week. I am having grilled stuff and salads with very little or none lite mayo. I am keeping off all the naughty stuff too!I think i am not drinking enough by the sound of it, well compared to you anyway! Green tea I used to have but was advised to stop it by my GP as it irritates my bladder....

  • hey that's a great start and make sure u have plenty o water then this will help you lose more weigh goooood luck

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