Thrifty Pumpkin Soup

Leftover pumpkins from Hallow'een? Here's my pumpkin soup.

1 pumpkin ( around 3lb of flesh once peeled and chopped), 1 leek ( 1/2lb) and 1 potato ( peeled weight, 1/2lb), Chop the lot and bung in a humungous pan, crumble in 2 vegetable stock cubes and 1/2tsp red curry paste. Pour 1 1/2 litres hot water over and fit with a tight lid. Bubble for 1/2 hour and then blitz until smooth.

This serves 6 good sized bowls at 75kcals a bowl.

I also cook down the flesh from the rest of my Hallow'een pumpkins. Simply dice up and put in a covered microwave proof bowl and cook 10 minutes on high, stir, then put back in for another 10 minutes. Stir again and check to see if it needs a little longer. Once done, drain and mash. Put in tubs and freeze. I had 4 pumpkins this year and each weighed around 3lb peeled weight of flesh. I got 6 tubs once cooked which will make soups, pies, etc... over the next few months. When you cook the flesh down DO NOT ADD WATER OR ANYTHING ELSE, it creates its own juice as it cooks and needs draining after cooking to be able to tub up and freeze.


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9 Replies

  • Love that soup recipe. Just waiting to get a blitzer. Many thanks for posting, i was looking for a pumpkin soup recipe.

  • Just get a hand-held blender from argos - I use just a basic blender for all this stuff (apart from an old coffee grinder from my grandma which is great for spices, finer chopping etc - but not essential though)

  • Hi Ruth, thank you i,ll get a blender. Less room taken up too

  • Hi Shellie,

    Thanks for your recipe, that's really good!

    Lowcal :-)

  • YEAH Shellie's recipes are back to coincide with Nigella...will be trying this out! Thank you lovely lady!

  • You do make me chuckle Pp, believe me I really am no Nigella, lol. I do have a wealth of cheap, nourishing recipes though along with some more expensive ones. I think I have mentioned I collect cookery books and read them like some do a novel ( yes, sad I know), and growing up on the wrong side of the poverty line has instilled some very canny shopping and cooking skills in me. I can't abide waste, so have lots of use up recipes too. 😊

  • My hubby is the cook, but has no portion size I eat all!...can't abide waste your recipes Shellie. Thank you

  • That's the same as me

  • Thanks for the pumpkin recipes Shellie - hadn't thought of adding red curry paste - inspired!

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