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Worried about this week

Hi everyone my second week and I lost two and a half pound that's a total of five and a half pounds a good start. I am worried how badly wrong it's going to to go this week. So far I have eaten all meals at home carefully weighing and working out calories for everything. Unfortunately this week is different I will be eating in a restaurant on Wednesday then Thursday I will be in hotel overnight that is an evening meal and all that breakfast buffet laid out before me Friday morning. Then to round off what is probably going to be a disastrous week I will be eating in a restaurant again Saturday evening oh dear could be all the good work undone.

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hey irmagee :) Fear not! It does not have to be disastrous! Try to pick a salad option for the restaurant and pick fresh fruits , yoghurts and cereals for the breakfast buffet.

I know the temptations are there ( especially when the breakfast food is laid out in front of you) but I have confidence that you can do it!

Good luck


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If salads aren't your thing just avoid things fried and overly laden in cheese. Go for boiled, grilled or steamed. Ask for no butter or extra oil on the veggies if there are any.

Also depending in the restaurant you can find the menu online, sometimes with calories sometimes not but it does allow you to make a plan before you go in.


Hi Irmagee,

I know you are currently in the midst of your challenging week, and you'll have had your meal in the restaurant last night. I hope it was ok. Good luck for tonight's overnight stay in the Hotel and tomorrow's buffet breakfast. I hope you find it's a better week than you're anticipating - it doesn't have to be disastrous if you keep your goals in mind and perhaps pre-plan how you're going to tackle things.

I enjoy breakfasts, and would look out for an egg option probably in a Hotel - something like poached eggs on wholemeal toast is a favourite or maybe some kippers or smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast - very filling options and would mean less likely to pick at the remaining breakfast options - buffets can be notoriously tempting if you don't have a plan of action.

Hope you're enjoying your week.

Good luck!

Lowcal :-)


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