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Jawbone UP

So I have been sticking with my walking & gym workout 's

Last week was mon/ tue @ the gym ,cardio and stretching,a bit of rowing,

Then didn't over do it ......walked everyday !!!!

And lost 1/2lb......better then nowt I guess and using this up seems to kick my Arse to do my steps !!! Last week 54,231 steps and 24.3 miles average daily steps 7,747......

I love a new toy ( then don't we all 😜) have a good week my lovely NHS 12 weekers xx

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Well done June1965 on your loss of 1/2 lb and for sticking with the walking and gym workouts. I always walk with my phone as the app counts all of my step and calculates the calories burned it's a great app and well done on reaching 54,231 last week.

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Trafford 1

Many thanks for the reply !!!

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