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Hi guys,

I am new here but have been trying to lose weight since February this year. I was too afraid to weigh myself initially but I am guessing I was 11.5 - 12 stone I am now 10 stone and my goal weight is 8.5 stone (which was my original weight)

I started with a food based diet but I was losing weight way too slowly. I then started walking 8 miles a day 5 days a week recently ( which is what I used to do when I was younger) and started losing a kg a week!

Since the days are getting darker and I am quite hesitant walking in the mornings at dawn I have now bought an exercise bike. (£90) from argos

I totally recommend it! I burned 1000 calories today without realising it as I was well into watching tv :)

At this rate I hope to reach my goal weight by February 2016

Hope you guys are going well with your weight loss!

All the best



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4 Replies

  • Sounds like you've got a plan! Good luck this week.

  • thanks! :)

  • Waw! 8 miles a day is anazing. I walk my dogs about 3 miles a day and one long walk a week with a friend of about 7 miles. I'm retired now and never had the time when I worked or had my children to exercise. Walking 8 miles takes a big chunk out of your day time wise. The bike sounds great and cheap too. Sounds like you're doing amazingly. Very inspiring!

  • I used to walk 3 miles to work on a hospital ward which is basically running around like a headless chicken all day haha and then walk 3 miles home. People thought my family were crazy without owning a car >.< that was my life :) I then got married and my husband had a car and I stopped walking. That's when the pounds started to pile on.

    8 miles takes me 2 hours. But that comes from a lot of practise. Sounds like you have a good regime as well. Good luck!

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