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Big lunch but feeling optimistic with all the kind words

Well, not sure how the weigh in tomorrow will go.. I've been very good all week, in part due to the feeling that there are people here who are interested and willing to talk. Thank you. Have eaten very carefully apart from Friday evening when I had a few glasses of wine and cheese on toast! Saturday was OK. Today, ok but I cooked a big and I mean BIG! Sunday lunch for family and participated fully! Roast chicken lots of veg and mega apple crumble! Gorgeous! I may be over tomorrow but I will get it back and it was all good food I cooked myself and shared with people I love.

Managed to get out for a 30 minute walk/hurry-up (my knees do not like running!) early this morning. Quite lovely as very peaceful. Hope everyone is feeling ok. All best for a peaceful and productive Sunday evening. x

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Welll you are not the only one thinking of tomm weigh in..........................I seem to have overeaten on choc, not great, and today I feel a bit bloated, so the scales may reflect that tomm, we see?

From what you tell me and everyone else, is that you are still re ajusting to stuff, I tend not to be able to eat very much, and now my eyes and stomach seem to be in sync.

I suspect you may be stable no loss no gain, after all 3500 cals takes some doing, well in my view it does.....................

A new day tomm and new choices, in time hopefully you will crave less and want smaller portions and less sugar

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There was sugar in the crumble topping; but none in the apple/fruit! I am just going over the 12 week plan; going to diaries exercise for the next week and plan some lunches. Thank for the reply. All best

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Hi Frankie,

I tend to eat a little more at the weekends (I think many do), so I am extra careful in the early part of the week. I find this really helps. I am sure the walk will have helped so hopefully the scales will be nice to you.

Good luck :)


Well, it's all a learning curve. All best


I to have over eaten a bit this week, but we will see what happens tomorrow. Here's hoping we have all lost a bit


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