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losing weight (fat)


am desperate here, I had cancer a couple of years ago and am now on testosterone Nebido injections every 18 weeks now and this is for life, am getting no help from my GP or endocrinologist and they say I am obese at 14 stone with my height at 5' 6" need to lose my belly and cannot get the motivation to go to the gym this is depressing me as I used to go to the gym twice a week before all this happened, I need to get my life back and belly gone..

in the news and online news there is a craze going on for this weight loss solution, and unsure if this would be for me, it is expensive and there is two products Perfect Garcinia and Advanced Trim Cleanse trial only a couple of pounds but then afterwards £85 per bottle. has anyone used this and found it works?? any advice and help would be appreciated, I am desperate now to lose the belly

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Sorry buddy i'm under the understanding that the only real way of losing weight is to consume less than you burn - have a calorie deficit and you'll lose weight. I wouldn't waste my money on fad diet stuff ..... Only my opinion though



Hi Mascotty02. I am really not sure if this would work, you need to do some research but there is really no quick fix to weight loss.

Not sure if your medication means it'll be harder for you to lose weight but hopefully it isn't impossible.

Why not try the NHS 12 week plan first and see if that generates some results for you - it is free for starters :) Taking positive action will help you feel like you've taken back control of your life - and you deserve it!

Have you thought about just simply walking to get more exercise? Maybe when you've trimmed down a bit you may feel more confident about going to the gym.

Good luck :)

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hey sueper,

thanks for your reply, appreciated, the only problem is that its not food, I do eat healthy always have done, many years ago I got to 18 stone and then lost it all down to 11 stone, this was due to not being able to play with my kids and just a lazy Ba...rd.. after cancer I had to go onto testosterone and feel lethargic 24/7 am back to 14 stone and been told I'm obese but I eat healthy, even if I fancy a snack at night my snacks are usually fruit, am walking when I can and used to be a fit gym goer, but just lethargic all the time, I feel done in now and the GP and endocrinologist doesn't seem to help either. Keep hitting my head against a brick wall all the time.

appreciate your comments and advice, it is appreciated



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Sloan-Kettering Memorial hospital may challenge beliefs about what a healthy diet is


Hi Mascotty,

Sounds like you've had a rough time of it lately. I would agree with NocturnalBear, the only way to shed those unwanted pounds and reduce your waistline is to eat healthy. I've spent a small fortune on different fads over the years but by far the easiest and best way I've found has been the NHS 12 week plan, my husband has decided to give it a go, he needs to lose just over a stone and is starting tomorrow.

Whatever you decide I hope it works for you, best wishes.

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hey Jenever

its not food though, I eat a healthy diet all the time and its not food that is doing it, its the drugs am on due to the the cancer etc, the GP and endo basically will not change the drugs and they just say if I come off these I will not be here maybe in 18 months thats what I get all the time from them.


Sorry, I hope you manage to get the help and advice you need and deserver. All the best.


Hi Mascotty,

sorry to hear of all your troubles. I would not even think of the garcinia, as my impression is that it is all a scam (but I am quite skeptical so it may be really working,)

What worked for me -- is switching to a plant based diet : no dairy, no meat, sometimes I do eat fish, cut down a lot on bread, pasta and rice and when I eat those it's wholemeal. Lots and lots of raw vegetables and vegetable juices (avoid fruit or use very sparingly to reduce the sugar consumption) And not a crumb of processed food or sugar...

I have a low grade lymphoma, and since I was diagnosed I decided to try a plant-based diet which includes at least 60% of raw food (after researching the best way of eating to live well with cancer) and the weight has been steadily coming down - but what's even better is that my recent blood tests are really good, and I feel very good.

There is a lot of good and interesting advice on this website: kriscarr.com/

The NHS plan is good, and not too hard, and can be "veganised" :)

wish you all the best!


Although you are eating a healthy diet, if the medication is altering how your body works, you may have to change what you eat to compensate for this.

The products you mention may take a little off your waist line but they are not regulated like medication and could have side effects, apart from the astronomical prices!

You could research the plant based diet mentioned by Pigivi, to see if you think it is worth trying. You could also research Low Carb diets or Paleo diets too. Cutting out sugar and processed foods would certainly be a good idea in all cases. When it comes to cutting calories, there is only so far you can go. You need the most nutritious food available to help your body recover.

Good luck sorting this out.

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Have you thought of how much 'healthy' food and drink you consume a day?

At the end of the day it doesn't matter if you eat 2000calories a day from pizza or 2000calories a day from fruit - you're still consuming 2000calories.

The other thing is could your weight be caused by water retention? I have heard some meds can cause your body to hold water like a sponge (I'm not sure if testosterone does this but know steroids do)


Without going into the nitty gritty hun, I had major surgery for cancer in 2013 and I take medication for life. It is scary and the weightgain depressing, with not much help or advice from those that really should be the ones giving it - the health service. BUT, have you asked the right questions of the right people? Have you sought any kind of counselling? As hard as it was/is, even with medication the weight can come off. Yes there are blips along the way ( I have just had quite a big one because of a health issue), but I am taking a deep breath and getting back to it. IT IS massively hard, but you can lose this weight gain by diet and exercise - slowly but surely. HONESTLY YOU CAN. Write down everything you consume for the next week, food and drink, don't guestimate - weigh it and calculate it properly, above all be truthful ( it's only you your trying to fool otherwise). You may be surprised at what you have actually put in your body and what you think you are consuming. Even 'healthy' food can be over consumed in portion size. I hope I am not offending you by writing this, it is most definitely not my intention to do so hun. From my own experience I have found the food intake alone is not enough, the exercise is essential. Patience is a must too, as the weightloss is slow.

I wish you masses of will hun, and we are all here on this forum to support each other, that includes you. If you need an ear, shoulder, etc... just yell ( post,lol) someone will come a running with a response. 😊


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