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Weight Loss Goal Achieved


I achieved my weight loss goal three weeks ago in Week 33. I meant to write this then but now is better than never. I actually exceeded my goal which myself and my doctor are super happy about.

I couldn't have done it without using various resources at my disposal, i.e. this forum, my doctor, myfitnesspal (planning & logging my meals), my journal, my local gym & swimming pool, home free weights and exercise bike, a tape measure, a walking app, relaxation/distraction techniques, some of my family & friends, my trusty walking trainers and the vast streets where I've walked so many miles.

I've had setbacks too with my diet and with exercise but that's life it's not perfect. Even with those obstacles I have persevered and continue to do so. Because this joyful feeling I have is down to me. When I look in the mirror I sometimes can't believe my eyes, I say to myself I did this. And I feel proud of my achievements.

I feel healthier, lighter more at ease with myself than I did all those months ago when I didn't think it was possible.

But now comes the hard part, 'maintenance'. So my next goal is to maintain and not to take my eye off the ball and become complacent and forget all that I have learnt during this journey.

The good thing is that I like the new changes I have made, consistent meal planning and physical activity. I think those are things that I can happily continue with in the long term.

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Welcome to maintaining Swimgym :) I've also exceeded my goal and making sure I don't gain any weight again. Congrats for reaching and exceeding your goal, and thanks for sharing the great long list of methods you've used to get here, a lot of which sounds pretty familiar!


Well done to you too. Hopefully we can offer support in tough times. Especially as Christmas is fast approaching, the season of parties and excesses of food and drink.

Ruth_canal_runner6lbs in reply to Swimgym

And wearing things you feel good in when you go out to all the parties and socials - xmas doesn't have to be all doom and gloom!

Oh definitely, I have my eye on a few dresses I've seen in the stores. So that'll be a nice treat for myself.

Hi Swimgym and many, many congratulations on reaching your weight loss goals over the course of your journey and now entering into the world of maintenance, this must be such a good feeling and you should be so proud of yourself and all you have achieved. I wish you a successful life of maintaining and can't wait to be in your shoes :-)


Swimgym in reply to trafford1

Hi trafford1,

Thank you so much, I felt quite emotional writing that post. To know that there are other people like yourself out there all moving towards the same or similar goals and are here to support each other is a great comfort to me.

Good luck with your journey and I know you'll get there too.

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Swimgym,

Congratulations on achieving your weight loss goal, that is certainly a fantastic achievement, and good luck with maintenance.

Your post is inspiring, and you sound really happy, which is really great!

Lowcal :-)

Thank you Lowcal, I'm very happy. I hope my post inspires others to move forward in their goals.

sueper5 stone

Well done Swimgym - so pleased you've hit your goal :) Great to see how you have achieved it.

Good luck with the maintenance :)

Thanks sueper, really appreciate the support and encouragement.

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