Lots of questions please help

Hi, 10stone 3, 27 bmi, 5ft 1 now, Need to be 9ish stone. Going to the gym 6 days a week burn 500 cals and do some excerise machines legs press etc.

1). How much weight should I be aiming for each week.

2). If I burn 500 cals and my allowance is 1,400 a day to eat how do I work one against the other.

Any help please and thank you.


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  • Hi, sorry but I don't think I can help regarding exercise versus calories but what I will say is if you keep to 1400 calories you should see movement on the scales😀. I'm 5 foot and currently between 10-12 and 10-10 and have been for about 6 weeks ( very frustrating) but I've been at this since January so I suppose things are going to get tougher😔

    If you are just starting out things will move quickly if you stick to healthy foods, I understand ( could be wrong, please correct me people) but exercise doesn't really help with weight loss but obviously will tone you up and make you feel much better physically and lots healthier). I would also say for what you need to lose a loss of 1-1 1/2 lb a week would be where I would want to be at ( again please add your input guys)

    Good luck on your journey to a new healthier you, exciting stuff isn't it? X

  • About 1-2 lbs a week is a steady, safe rate of loss, which you are more likely to be able to keep off long term. It took me 12 months to lose 30lbs, some weeks losing, some weeks nothing.

    In principle on paper we should be able to " eat back " our exercise calories and still lose. Many VERY active people do this. However, as you only have a stone to lose ( the last stone is the hardest) my advice would be to stick to a nett intake of 1400 cals if you can, and only eat back some of your exercise calories, not all of them. Eg 1400 + 200 of your exercise cals = can eat1600. But as you get closer to your target the weight loss slows right down ..and you'll probably need to readjust your calories downwards.

    Good luck, you can do it. There are lots of winners on this site, not just strugglers, to inspire you!

  • Exercise, and by that I simply mean moving around, walking, housework, will help to burn more calories so keeping active will help weight loss as opposed to sedentary lifestyles

  • If you go on line there are calculators available that will calculate for you the ideal calories you need, everyone is different

    I have a Fitbit and use that on a daily basis to find out my days burn and input. I am surprised at how much that varies on a day to day basis depending on my activities x

  • Hi, just downloaded the fitbits and put in all details, then added my meals etc for today it says over target

    841 cals in- 925 cals out, 237 cals left.

    Does this mean I'am over my cal intake or I have 237 left to eat?

    Thanks annde

  • It means you have 237 left to eat. Besides logging your food did you also log in any activities you did, eg Preparing and cooking a meal, doing the washing up, cleaning, hovering, hand washing and hanging it out. All of these activities increase your calories out and will increase the amount of food you can use and still be on track to lose weight. x

  • Thanks for that, how do I do that? Sorry all questions this is new to me.

  • Like that thanks so much annbe

  • nhs.uk/livewell/loseweight/...

    All the advice, including your daily allowance calculator here. Stick with the calories and don't eat your exercise ones.

  • Don't do anything with the exercise cals except see them as an indication of how much exercise you've achieved. Just stick to 1400 a day. I stuck to that along with lots of exercise and lost weight at approx 1.5lbs/week. If you want to get technical about it, use the NHS BMI calculator to get an exact calorie recommendation. It asks you how active you are and takes it into account in the calculation. Good luck :)

  • Hi and welcome...I plan to shed about a pound a week....off for ever that way!

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