Delicious Salad for Lunch today :-)

Delicious Salad for Lunch today :-)

Hi everyone,

A previous post by Bakersdozen inspired me to eat more salads this week, and I'm going to try to post a photo of today's lunch, as I particularly enjoyed it. It contains Brie (just a couple of slices), half a pack of 2 salads from M&S, a tomato, a third of a red pepper, and a few raspberries. I also sprinkled some omega-3 mixed seeds on top, and had a wholemeal bread roll and some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

It was delicious! I'm wondering what meals you have particularly enjoyed this week?

Lowcal :-)


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20 Replies

  • My Favourite salad this past week was lettuce with nuts and cranberries.

  • That sounds really tasty! :-)

  • Yes! It was delicious and filling!

  • That looks great! I don't think I've had a favourite meal this week, they've all been equally disorganised and badly planned! Taking inspiration from this to go and get better fresh salad in and maybe get a few ready made salads to brighten things up. Thanks, it definitely looks delicious :)

  • Hi Ruth,

    Great! Colourful salads are definitely enjoyable. Hope you find some nice things to add to your salads.

    I cooked a batch of cauliflower and green lentil soup last week, and it turned out to be a darkish grey colour - but it was really tasty, and I decided the colour meant it was suitable 'Halloween' soup, so it felt seasonal as a result of that!

    I'm going to make a batch of carrot and red lentil soup with a dash of cayenne pepper for 'heat' today! Will be freezing some batches for lunches during the week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hmmmmm, that looks yummy, I love salads.

    I have them for every lunch.

    At the moment my favourite it avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, lettuce, black olives and a lemon/honey/mustard dressing 😋

    Tonight is my current favourite (apart from chicken or vegetable curry) - lasagne with courgette instead of pasta.

  • Hi Elissy,

    My plan for next week is to alternate a soup lunch and then have a salad lunch, so that will make lunches more interesting for me.

    Your lemon/honey/mustard dressing sounds yummy!

    Hope you enjoy your lasagne tonight - made from the courgettes - sounds delicious!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Love salads too...was away for a few days and really missed vegetables.....

  • Hi Portlandprincess,

    Glad you're back so you can enjoy those delicious vegetables again.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Looks very tasty Lowcal yum :-) I usually enjoy scrambled egg a slice of toast and two scoops of baked beans when I'm off work but when in work I enjoy a tuna and boiled eggs spinach salad or a roasted chicken spinach salad. The best time of the day is dinner time where I create some wonderful fish dishes and have started using Kale mixed with a small portion of brown rice and butter beans.

    Your salad looks absolutely delicious & interesting Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Thanks for sharing your meal ideas - I really like the sound of all of them - especially the kale with brown rice and butter beans, that sounds really good, alongside the delicious fish dishes you mentioned.

    Scrambled egg or boiled eggs always conjure up 'comfort' in my mind - I really like both.

    I've had carrot and red lentil soup for lunch today - it was really good. Had it with some wholemeal bread and peanut butter.

    Hope you are enjoying Sunday so far. It's such beautiful sunny weather today! Really lovely.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Really enjoying this lovely weather which is surprising to see and been out on a bike ride 10k and going to run a 5k in a little while then I think I will lazy away the rest of the day in front of the TV :-)

    I like the sound of your soup carrot and red lentil sounds really nice, I don't often make soup only once in a blue moon, but your recipes always sound so nice. I remember you posted one about butter bean soup and I really liked the sound of that and maybe I could add a little scotch bonnet pepper to mine cause I really love spicy foods.

    Now that I have finally managed to try butter beans for the first time in my life this month maybe you could share your butter bean soup recipe with me again please Lowcal ?

    All of the fish dishes I have had this week have been so wonderfully tasty, fresh and healthy and have definitely helped me achieve my goals this week.

    Speak again very soon and I look forward to receiving your recipe thank you :-)

  • Hi Trafford1,

    No problem, I'll send it to you in a message. I can't remember whose recipe it is originally, I think it was from a book by a nutritionist, and it is really tasty. Your suggestion to add Scotch Bonnet pepper will certainly spice it up. I tend to add Cayenne Chilli pepper (powdered) as I also like a 'kick' in the taste!

    I don't know if I'm going to achieve my goal this week yet, but I certainly tried! I am thrilled that you achieved yours. You are doing sooooo well. :-)

    Enjoy your run this afternoon in the lovely weather - wow, you've already done a 10k bike ride this morning. Wow!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Lowcal, I really am hoping you achieve your goal this week so I will keep you in my thoughts and look forward to your post, best wishes hun x

  • Hi - could I have the butterbean soup recipe please? I love soups.

  • Yes, you can - I've sent it to you. :-)

  • Last week I cooked a couple of smallish salmon fillets one night; then for the next two days I made a noodle salad and took a small container of a teriyaki sauce with me. It was great! I tend to make home made soups. Have a very good sweet potato and butternut squash recipe (has smoked paprika, chilli and wholegrain mustard for kick!) - it's a new covent garden recipe. Omit the double cream they have in the recipe, it doesn't need it.

  • Hi Frankie53,

    I love salmon - it's probably the fish I eat the most! Your noodle salad sounds delicious too.

    Yes, soups are definitely really good - especially with spices. Lovely. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • I love the M and S salads. I buy them a lot.

  • Hi MrsBooboo,

    Yes, they are tasty! I've made one container of pre-prepared salad last for 3 days before, because I like to mix them with other things on the plate.

    Hope you had a great weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

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