Week 1 results: it's possible!

Hello all dear team members! My name is Aline, I'm a newcomer here.

As for my story briefly: overweight since childhood, always fighting with fat, compulsive and binge eating sweets. Got married 1.5 months ago at my heaviest weight (and now looking at photos..ugh!). Start feeling health problems, at 23 years old, as my BMI reached 30.

So after week 1 of watching calories eaten and working out every day, I managed to lose 2 lbs. Not so much, but I feel control on my stomach, I don't have uncontrollable hugger attacks..so I'm satisfied))


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6 Replies

  • Well done on so many levels. This is the first post I've seen (I'm fairly new here too!) that mentioned health problems. I KNOW I have to lose weight to be able to get up and down stairs, move around, see people etc etc etc - it's just about living really. Congratulations on your recent wedding. All best

  • Well done and welcome.

  • Thats fantastic and I am SO pleased for you that you are addressing this early in your life.

    2 lbs is GREAT - try doing some arm curls 3with 2 lbs of sugar - it gets heavy fast!

    This is a marathon not a sprint and is all about changing your life not just going on a diet.

    Sounds like you are in it to win it.

    Go you!

  • Good luck on your journey xx

  • Well done... It is fab to feel you are in control, not the compulsive part of you. (I have one of those too... Trying to befriend it and ask it what it really needs).

    I remember this feeling trying the 5:2 diet - doesn't suit me that well but it taught me that being a bit hungry sometimes won't kill me :) not in the short time, anyway....

    Try to get as much support as possible and focus on non-food related pleasures would be my advice... And listen to the advice of all the lovely people on here :)

  • Congrat's first! The group here is wonderful on support. Remember to drink plenty of water daily with lemon helps wards off hunger pains and keeps your hand busy, feet busy running to the bathroom-LOL!

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