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Starting the NHS Weight Loss Plan



I literally signed up this second, mainly because I felt I was slipping into old habits and I needed something to give me a boost, but also because I'd like to meet other people who are on the same 'journey' as me. So I want to take a moment to introduce myself.

I'm Alle, I'm 16, female and currently 150lbs (10.7st)

I am overweight for my age and height and it's something I've never been proud of. Up until this year however, it hasn't annoyed me as much as it should have.

In May, I weighed 168lbs. I had my prom at the start of July and I wanted to look good so that was my motivation. I left it until the last week of May as I was busy with exams before I started exercising. I borrowed the Insanity program from my friend and did the first 30 days with minimal results. I think I lost around 3lbs during the entire 30 days, and I was unhappy with that, because people have lost a lot more.

After that, I decided to look at what I was actually doing, which was eating like a pig. Regardless of whether or not I was doing 30+ minutes of high intensity cardio/strength training off a DVD I was still eating 1900+ calories - not good. So I decided to make drastic changes to my diet.

So, on the 21st of June I re-started Insanity. This time however, I incorporated a strict diet too. I kept myself to 1200 calories for two days a week, 1400 for the next two, 1200 calories for the next two and then 1400 on a Sunday. I'm clearly not a health expert so I have no idea if this was dangerous considering the intensity of the workout but it made changes, and so I was happy with that.

I managed to only get through the entire 60 days of the workout, although I found it ridiculously hard. But this time, I had lost 14lbs (1 stone).

I started jogging every other day for the rest of the summer and stuck to the diet and lost an additional 4lbs taking my over all weight loss up to 18lbs from May to the start of September.

I started college in September and this is where I stopped exercising and being as strict with what I was eating - it's actually a miracle as to how I've managed to keep the weight off through September and October.

My goal is to be 114lbs (Just over 8st) by this time next year. So, on Monday I am going to start the NHS weight loss plan and by the end of the 12 weeks I would like to have lost another stone (or more). I also want to train to do a 5k run, but we'll see how that goes..

It would be much appreciated if anyone on the plan would let me know if it's hard to keep to the calorie allowances/do all the exercises and whether or not it's working for you! Also, if you have any questions (or want to tell me off for not eating enough) during my weight loss, please let me know.

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Ok first thing I. Recommend is the myfitness pal app to keep track of ur cal I gained lots of weight at college eating what they had on offer and not exercising you are better off if u make time to exercise sounds stupid but try work it round you college work depending what ur doing and also good tip I learnt have a bottle of water by the side off u whilst working as your more likely to snack then hope them things help ya and hope u manage to get results you want x

Its definitely worth doing and yes its easily achievable.

The biggest battle is with your head not your stomach. Remaining motivated, remembering why you are doing this, rewarding yourself for reaching a goal - all important in ensuring you maintain and start to integrate this into your life permanently.

Exercise and eating healthy should be a mainstay in our lives not just a passing fad or a way to lose weight - it needs to become part of how we live and starting early is fantastic.

Now just wait there while I write down that advice for me to read later! :)

Many of us use the myfitnesspal app - its awesome, easy to use, scans barcodes, imports web recipes, remembers favourites - it excellent and a really beneficial tool. And free!

Decide what your goals are. If I looked at my goal and thought "Hmmm I have to lose 100+ lbs" that seems huge.

Instead I focus on losing the next 10 lbs, assign a date to do it by and work towards that. It makes the whole process easier and make sure when you reach your next goal and the one after that you reward yourself:)

Welcome onboard - there is definitely plenty of support here for you.

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