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Plodding on !!

Hi all,

Hope you have all had a great week.

Weigh in today and have stayed the same. I feel OK as I know I have struggled to get back into my routine since my holiday. I am really surprised at how much effort it has taken to get my fitness level up. I still do my daily squats and planks but I have found the circuits classes really hard !😁

It's pouring with rain today so my plan is to do some cupboard clearing, boring I know but I need to get rid of clothes that are too big and it's just the weather for that and a bit of bend and stretch will work wonders lol.

Got a nice weekend planned, shopping day with my sister tomorrow and Sunday we are having a ' Christmas day' as my niece will be back in Australia in a few weeks so we are all wearing Xmas jumpers so should be a good day. I've even bought a low fat Xmas pudding !!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend 💀👹🎃👻 and an even better week


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Hi Flossie,

Well done for maintaining this week, it can be tough when you're getting back into routine after a holiday, and it's good that you're doing your strength exercise - those squats and planks will be doing your core the power of good!

Just think how good you'll feel after you finish doing all the cupboard clearing etc today - your place will be looking good, and you'll be feeling you've accomplished something - that's always a good feeling!

Enjoy your 'Christmas Day' over the weekend with your niece and family. Sounds like fun!

Wishing you a great weekend and another great week ahead. Let's hope it stops raining soon!

Lowcal :-)


Hay flossie well done for maintaining this week :-)

It can be hard to get back into a routine after being on holiday, but you have kept up with your planks and squats which is really good and beneficial. You will get your fitness levels back up soon enough. You must listen to your body and if it is feeling a little sluggish don't over do it. You lost a considerable amount of weight last week and had a seizure so maybe it's time to rest a little and you will be energised again before you know it.

Sunday sounds really nice having Christmas day come early, all sitting around in your crimbo jumpers. I bet you will all have a wonderful time, so enjoy it :-) going through your clothes and having a clear out also sounds really good. This is something I really need to attend to. I have all of mine in a clothes basket, they just need bagging. Will get that sorted very soon.

Enjoy your weekend and shopping and good luck with next weeks weigh in hun :-)

Trafford1 x


I think that weeks where nothing happens are normal. Weight is weird stuff. But you stayed on track that shows your mind is in the right place. Maybe you shouldnt exercise every day. Give your body one day off.


Awww thats so nice of you to do that for your niece I am sure she will love having a cold "Christmas".

Have a wonderful time :)


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