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Help! I've eaten the Halloween treats!

Omg! I've eaten the Halloween treats! Funny but also serious. I still have 9kg to lose.

5 years ago I moved cities and at new doctor check up found I was 25kg overweight. So yes, I've done well but I've been yo-yoing around my current weight for over 18months.

I'm usually pretty good but then when I'm alone a lot at home I just go crazy. I eat stuff that I know will make me feel bloated (bread) and put on the weight (cheese). Just can't help myself, it's like a feeding frenzy! Help!

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Hi Ceriandblue,

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear you've eaten your Halloween treats - I am sure you're not alone in having done that - it's a very challenging time - knowing that the trick or treaters will be knocking on the door means we often buy the treats to be ready for them, but then the temptation to eat them ourselves is there. I've eaten all kind of things in the past which have been bought as gifts for people, eating chocolate decorations off the Christmas tree, eaten a house-mates crisps and then had to buy more to replace them before the 'deed' was noticed! I'm sure there are lots of instances we can all recall about doing stuff like that.

But please don't be harsh on yourself - you did it, and hopefully you can put it behind you.

You mentioned that you used to be 25 kg overweight, and you have 9kg left to lose, so that means you've lost 16 kg to date - you've done really well - Congratulations! I hope you're feeling better for having lost the weight. I know you are finding it harder to lose the remaining weight, but stick with it - it definitely gets harder as we approach our goal weights - but don't give up.

Hope you enjoy the weekend, and maybe don't buy any more Halloween treats till the very last minute, so that you aren't tempted to eat anymore. I've not bought any yet, as I don't want to put temptation in my path.

Good luck!

Lowcal :-)


A big thank you. I've been beating myself up about eating kiddies sweets. What's done is done. Moving on.


U are not alone it is hard but this is where time comes into practice it's all well and good of if its not in u won't eat but sometimes u have to have it and that's when u need as my husband says control but that's easier said than done u just need to brush it off and say I enjoyed my Halloween in time the urge of o sweet let's have some will calm down it's a slow process but it does calm down x


Knowing the mechanics of cutting calories is great, but unless you learn to control your appetite, life will be hard and full of yo-yoing.

Put simply, when we start craving something sweet for instance, it's usually because of an imbalance in what we ate.

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Ah, but seriously though, how would you redress that balance. I often seem to be craving something sweet and sometimes feel as out of control as the Halloween treat eater, whose post I can identify with.


Truly balanced eating/lifestyle. First, have a small amount of protein at most meals, such as fish, seafood, cheese, eggs, meat, game or poultry that will help keep you satiated, and have the fat that nature provided with it to slow digestion. Fat also provides fat soluble vitamins of course, which are essential because lean protein would rapidly deplete the liver of vitamin A, causing potential problems with vitamin D balance.

Next, have a couple of portions of low-glycaemic carbohydrates at each later meal. This will enable the body to replenish any glycogen used during the day. Depleting glycogen can lead to us having cravings for sweet things, as can high glycaemic foods, alcohol (fermented sugar), and sweet foods themselves, that start us on a roller-coaster of highs and lows of blood glucose.

Have a sensible amount of non-starchy vegetables, and if you require more energy to prevent weight loss get it from natural fat; the body uses about twice as much fat as it does carbohydrate.

Learn healthy ways to cope with stress; cortisol also disrupts insulin/IGF-1 and blood glucose levels.

Exercise a little to keep cardiovascular system & muscles functioning well, and aim to centre sleep around hours of darkness; daylight has a major impact on regulating hormone levels.

Good luck!

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That's a REALLY helpful reply. I will try and do this. I did very well with weight loss for a while, and then got back into bad habits again - possibly because I was stressed.

I must lose weight due to blood pressure of 175/110 when not on my tablets, which is terrible !


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