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Two stones to lose just to get into healthy BMI zone. Know all the theory, but find it hard putting into practice! Here goes..........

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Good luck :)

You're telling me! "In theory, practice and theory are the same thing. In practice they're not" Good luck!

Plan every day in advance as this will make things a lot easier for you and believe in yourself.

Take control back, focus, be patient as anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

If you are following the nhs 12 week plan this should help you week by week and I would recommend starting your exercise from day one 30 mins everyday, just walking got me started so go get em life is for living :-)

Best of luck on your journey Sugarholic

Trafford1 x

Just do it! You can do it!


You've taken the first step and will find lots of support here throughout your journey. Lots of small changes to your eating habits do add up to make a difference and somehow it all feels more sustainable. Good luck.


You need a plan, a dietary one that involves some excerise after that the rest is relatively easy, not hard!

Depending on your levels of addiction etc, you may find it harder or easier than others, stick with stuff, and remember its a long journey!

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