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Lost 22lbs so far :)

I have been on my weight loss journey for 6 weeks, and have lost 22lbs. Eating a low carb diet that I'm finding is totally workable and feel so much better. Sometimes I treat myself, but trying to do healthier treats rather than massive chocolate bar.

Following T25 workout which I'm getting better although still pretty difficult! I have PCOS so carbs really don't agree with me! Hopefully due to start metformin in the next few weeks :)

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22lb in 6 weeks is phenomenal! Well done you :)

I'm not sure what a T25 workout is, but it sounds excruciating, I'm struggling with walking still :)

Here's wishing you continued success on your journey :)


If you Google T25 it should bring up some info. I'm just doing Alpha Cardio at the moment. But definitely noticing a fitness increase. I lost 11lbs in the first week which I suspect was mostly water weight.

Fish has become a big part of my diet, and lean meat. I realise I can eat a lot more with eating lower calorie, less processed food and often it fills me up quicker and for longer.

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11lbs??!! Good grief!! :)

I'll away and google it.

I'm glad you've found something that works so well for you :)

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Hi there well done for your weight loss I hope you continue with your progress look forward to here how you go, I'm bigalan its nice to meet you take care


wow that's super impressive! I hope you keep it up! its good when a diet works for you and doesn't leave u starving! fish is my go to low cal item too!


Well done you amazing! I'm going to look up T25 workout. I fail to maintain low carb diets but they do work especially for Apple shapes like I am. I try to limit them rather than cut them out or I just have a carb fest then feel a failure.


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