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I thought I would reply to a post I got generally because it really got me thinking about why I started trying to eat healthily.

I stopped smoking at exactly the same time as I started my " healthy "life. Strangely enough. I decided to start losing weight because I was scared that I would put on even more weight as a result of stopping smoking. I am still off the fags.

Trouble is , when I want to pig out, it is usually triggered by the fact that I want a fag. I then stuff my face coz I am stressed and talk total garbage to myself by saying it`s fine to overeat coz it`s better than smoking !!!!! What crap.Round and round and round I go!

It is a constant battle of the mind....will I ...won`t I ??? Let`s face it, I am physically not addicted to any of them but psychologically I am.....To both!!! Aaaaaarrrrggghhh.

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Hello..........that little voice that says sod it, and I don't care, only to find you do, hmn yes I've been there.


Now I grab the cat. ( she's my physical huggy creature) , put the kettle on, and grab some fab tea, and remember that I do care.

Before in the long term I just regret the crap I've eaten, and wonder why I was so weak! I think it tajes months and tears fir things not to bother you, and for some they e the m more addicted

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Do something else when you want to pig out. Easy, yeah? No I'm kidding, I'm 46 and have 6 stones to lose so if I knew..... But you are doing amazingly well giving up smoking, and the ravings for fags will get less so it may get easier

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I still crave a cigarette despite quitting 15 years ago. It's obviously not as strong a craving as yours, but when I'm stressed a cigarette still feels like it would absolutely fit the bill. I've found that lighting an incense stick is a helpful ritual. You get to blow the embers to make it glow, breathe in the calming smoke, and it is short-lived, once it's burned the room feels ambient and you stay feeling calmed. My favourite incense is 'nag champa' - if it doesn't sound too hippyish to you, maybe give that a try?

Another thing is to try taking up a new form of exercise. Learning to run (through the couch to 5k programme) has really improved my breathing. I now really safeguard my fitness as I want to make sure I stay able to run. The motivation to stick to healthy choices is really high in the hours after a run, great way to start the day :)


I can never truly relate to the ex smokers, as I've never tried

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Hi Ollio,

I quit smoking the same day I started eating healthily and increasing my exercise. It was part and parcel of very consciously taking control of my life, treating myself kindly and working towards my goal of health and happiness.

I can honestly say, that apart from the odd times where I've had a strange sort of "lost" feeling ie not quite sure what I should be doing at a given moment, I have neither craved cigarettes, or food.

I eat regularly and well, exercise daily and feel like a million dollars (well maybe £100, but that's so much better than tuppence 3 farthing :) )

I'm no longer controlled by food, or nicotine, I'm in control of myself and totally committed to remaining that way.

It's all in the mind, a good strong mindset = a good strong body.

You can do it! :)


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